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How's everyone doing with the 1.08.5 Update?

  • With my converted Keys I pulled the missing Legendaries I had and now have all 124 Troops we have up to this point
  • Got my main Team 3/4 Mythic and at level 20 and the 4th is level 19. Now starting to level my other frequently-used Teams
  • Traited everything I wanted that I was able to. Learned that we all have A LOT of grinding to do for Traitstones
  • Ascended everything to Epic or higher. Too bad we can’t sort the Troop List by base rarity :frowning:

How is everyone else doing so far?

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My experience has been the same so far although I’ve been saving my keys for when a new kingdom comes out especially since I don’t have a ready access to many keys quickly.

Seeing as im not a millionaire who can pay with rl money to buy everything you bought to upgrade everything up to max, seeing as ive been playing this game since the patch daily and havent even traited a single troop up to max yet… All ive done is waste 360 keys to get a single legendary (2nd card i got from the whole 360 key galore) being crimson bat (atleast a good card but ok) and played a shitton of challenges and remaining kingdoms i didnt have the story completed for yet.

Still waiting to get a new card, or unlock a new kingdom called wild plains or something…

i have arround 115 Cards Mystic and 2/3 of them level 20 not bad for 2 Days :smiley: but i saved Copies ,Keys and Souls for Months had over 8500 Keys after Update .

(Iam Level 630 so maxed out all Cards/Kingdoms Months before the Patch so i could save everything )

and my Guild is awsome huge Advantage Tons of Keys before the Patch


I have only spent $5 on the Obsidian Armor back when I first started, so I’m not P2W.

I just saved up 1,250 Iron Keys and got 1,250 Glory/2,500 Gold Keys after the conversion plus haven’t disenchanted my Troops for about six weeks to save up copies.

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The changes were a kick in the teeth until you start to truly understand how much ascension, traits, the extra levels, and team bonuses play a part. It doesn’t amount to a couple stat points, you end up with nearly double the stats (in some configurations) that you would’ve come into the patch with.

Once I started to see how things clicked together, I’ve been enjoying it. I won a PvP match yesterday with a goblin team and I only passed control to the opponent a single time. It was pretty crazy to watch.

I converted about half of my keys and, like you, finished up my collection (other than that darned Sylvasi that I just learned was bugged to drop for a short period and I didn’t acquire it in that window :/). I’m saving my remaining ~1500 keys or so for when the other kingdoms unlock since everything is currently ascended to Epic+ rarity already.

I need to do some reading on traitstone farming and some better soul farming options, but I think the grind will be good.

I’m disappointed that there doesn’t appear to be a way to purchase gem keys if you currently have gem keys. I’d like to stockpile for later.

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i only bought the Gems for Dragon Armor 5 Months ago

I Enjoy it so far, not a hardcore game play a few battles a day, enjoy the new troop leveling thing, updating my main team and using the traitstones seem to give a huge power up! i’m liking it so far :slight_smile:

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It seems like some new troops were unlocked today. I got Drake Rider and Cyclops from some Glory Chests just now.

Other than that, I’m enjoying the update but dreading the traitstone farming ahead.

Edit: Ah I see. Grosh-nak has been added.

I’ve traited my valk one level, and I blew all my keys before patch, so… my bad. I’ve ascended a few troops, but just figured out to go to specific cities to farm for trait stones. I’m disappointed in the ability to trait troops I don’t use. Then i had the idea of just disenchanting those, but i’m a completionist at heart. After the initial confusion, I’m ok with the newness.

Traits on troops you don’t use is still VERY important - for getting your kingdom power up!

At high levels of play (all kingdoms level 6 or 10) getting 1 gold star of power will fully DOUBLE your income. It’s a big deal.

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Actually it doubles the Tribute from each Kingdom, which is HUGE! Make one Kingdom your Home and you QUADRUPLE that Kingdom’s Tribute. Makes it much easier to accumulate resources.

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Annnd i discovered that on my own yesterday after writing this:) so… ok, there is value to them. little by little, i am discovering cool things about this update that I previously was just taking in all the negatives from the PC/Mobiles. I wanted to comment about how Frozen is working for the consoles. I love having an Ice Witch, but going into Stormheim with her was a bit of a … challenge:D

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workin on 3 starin 7 troop kingdoms already 3 stared the 8 troop ones. got everythin but gar’nok and summer imp, only a few old cards not mythic.

haven’t paid a dime for the game btw.

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@Mr.Strange said there are no Imps on the Consoles and probably won’t be for a while.

So you are only missing Gar’Nok, like me :slight_smile:

Chico has it… I dunno if it stoped dropping but it was a drop in nov…

Must have been a chest glitch like Sylvasi was at one point.

is that why I only have 2 of him?

a Guildmember has Mystic Gar nok he posted it in the Community lucker :stuck_out_tongue: but its not so hard to get him with Event Chest

a friend of mine that barely plays go him out of 17 gem chests… I opened 100s and a couple dozen event one with no luck.