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How's everyone doing with the 1.08.5 Update?

Yeah. Post patch has been rough on me seeing as I’m having worse luck then you it seems. I only have one dragon legendary after about 500 keys and being level 103 currently. The dragon also only gives 5 life and gems of the card type. Not having the super cards makes PvP almost unbeatable at my current level. Almost every PvP match I play my opponent has 2X the life 2X the skull damage and half the time can wipe 1-2 characters out by using one spell. Guess I’ll just have to farm challenges or such to get traits for my existing cards, but working towards those 3 new trophies is going to be a bit rough lol.

Started the patch with 600 iron keys and 900k gold so I was able to get 14 level 10 cities and most troops to at least purple. Trying to get all cities to level 10 with a gold star for maximum free hourly loot. Heroes 100% useless now since they don’t get the city stat bonus.
Took forever to open 3000 keys, even 50 at a time.

Ill give you a good tip for a team that requires no legs (although i do use my new crimson bat card in it atm, might replace it if i ever get something with better synergy that also has red/blue or purple/blue)

Knight coronet, Templar, Rowanne.
coronet on 1st spot, he gets a MASSIVE boost for the first special abillity if in first spot (+3 to all stats, including magic) with his second abillity unlocked he becomes a derailed freighttrain heading straight through enemy lines by giving him even more base magic stat increasing his base damage even more based on the blues in the team (templar and rowanna both have blue amongst brown and green). (stomping two cards at once (first and last hittables) with extreme damage boosted by purple gems on board. Ive hit some cards with 30 damage at times)

Templar makes coronet harder to kill but also gives Rowanne greens she needs ánd armor to get more power for her attack that hits the whole enemy team for about 30 aswell (randomly divided but ofcourse hits harder when enemy has less cards left)
She 'ALSO has the skill that gives her more magic power based on blue cards in the team.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:
Its my personal best deck right now absolutely chaotically canonball diving my previous gloomleaf/celestasia (the dragon you have)/skeleton/ragnagord’ out of the pool.

And as i said only 3 card core and whatever you do for the fourth, make it a red/blue or purple/blue for the sake of rowanne and coronet bonus :slight_smile:

edit: p.s. coronet’s final skill (though very expensive to unlock) makes him a supertank with 50% skull reduction, perfect for his first place placement role.

edit²: Made you a vidya of the stranths of this team.


You could always replace Crimson Bat with Alastair. He’s like Templar+, making Coronet even harder to kill, uses Red/Blue but removes Purple (so all 4 colors are covered).

Once you pull Carnex, you can swap out the Bat once again and you would get all 6 colors used and have a pretty decent Mana generator.

No matter what (even now with your current lineup) avoid Bone Dragon. It’ll eat you alive.

Actually have considered it but theres one major thing that sucks with alastair and thats his traits, also he has zero synergy with the rest of my team, and im looking for a card with synergy (team bonus hopefully, so far no options yet but maybe when new cards come to ps4)

Thanks. I gave that a try and it works pretty well. Unfortunately only Coronet was fully upgraded and I burned all my gold and souls upgrading other things right now, so it looks like I need to grind out to upgrade these to see how they work with me.

Like someone else said (and I didn’t really pickup on it until last night) heroes are all but a waste of a spot now since they don’t level up as much as other cards in terms of skull damage health or armor. I suppose in some cases, depending on your card build, there might be a hero card that does well.

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just how is throwing more armor onto rowanne and the tank not synergy?

Pretty much agree 100%.

Alastair, Traitless or fully Traited, would work wonders on that Team.

So would Valkyrie.

With that many Blue Mana-users, definitely.

Im referring to team bonusses with synergy.

Shes yellow red, need bonus for both rowanne and coronet magic.

Boosting Rowanne’s Magic is negligible if you are boosting her Armor. Alastair can boost her damage by multitudes over a Troop that boosts Magic or a Team Bonus.

the race and kingdom bonuses are pretty negligible… but if you really want em zaejin marauders or kof fey are solid.

Doing great so far at my own pace. I’m still new to the game however. So with what meager resources I have to level up my troops and kingdoms, I do not have the liberty to spend it down to zero on any and every troop that I own. I have to be sensible about it. Once those Traitstones are spent, it will take a while to find those in particular to trait another valuable troop.

Compare to this new system, it was easier and convenient when all we needed to do was max the troops to 15 across the board. Based on that as well as completing Quests and Challenges, there was a standard way for a kingdom to grow to its maximum level. One could tell based on that system what the kingdom level was when battling a PVP opponent using that banner.

Now, its upside down to some degree. For those of us starting out, its amusing to see how players have hit the panic button with their PVP team of choice. Most do not understand how to put a team together. They do not understand how Team Bonuses work. They’re relying on the banner to boost their team’s mana as before. All the souls and Traitstones went to those four troops who must invade and defend for all they’re worth. One can also tell who has spent more $$$ since the update versus those who just grind at their own pace.

Not being judgmental. I’m simply reporting what I’ve witnessed so far with the new update. It is a very different experience for those of us starting out compared to those who have played this game from its beginning. I’m glad its great for you at your rank. Its great for me too at my rank. Hurrah!

why do people always say they can tell who spent money? newsflash you can’t… I’ve got a guy in my guild that has dropped more money than he knows on the game… i think hes vip 8 or sumhin… anyways he has a lot less than I do… I’ve got most stuff at mystic and a good amount of level 20s, haven’t spent a dime.

Same here dude, I contribute like a MFer but I have only spent $5 so far.

The trick is playing a lot, especially PvP, and carefully plan how and where your resources go. As for Troops being pulled (Legendaries specifically), your fate is up to the RNG gods.

Well some armors are cash only so if you see someone with one if those then they had to have spent money. Other than that, no you can’t tell.

only early game since they are inferior to gem armor… and we don’t have deathknight armor… i might actually buy that one when we get it…

Yep I’ve gone little overboard on this game. Not sure what I spent or what vip level I am. I don’t mind supporting the game. I normally drop $150 on games anyway as those dlc and season passes add up after a while.