1.08 and your hoard of keys, what are YOU doing?


Several posts about 1.08 and keys floating around so I want to take this one in another direction. What are YOU doing with your hoard, and why?

I’ve got about 800 keys, I’m thinking about spending half now to get units for ascending then the other half after.

I’ve got about 1k gems that I’m not sure which way I’m going to go yet.



Because opening one key at a time is a pain in the arm …



Something like 2k keys 750 gems. I already opened a few hundred more keys in anticipation but I think I’ll hold off on the rest. Clean install Windows 10 makes my macro software fail, so opening is back to manual like everyone else… for now.


Ill probably open 3k keys now (Using the auto macro :3) and save gems and about 1k keys for 1.0.8


I am saving all 3.5k+ iron keys for the update. Partially for statistical reasons for referencing sake, but mostly to get a head start on upgrading everything with abilities. I like to use multiple builds, so I want to have all the runes to do so. Things like the soul, gold, gem, and glory rewards from keys would also be more beneficial in most cases than just having a 5-10 soul scrap.

One major reason to hold is due to the unit cap. Once someone reaches mythical, every proceeding copy just becomes some souls. Many of the rewards on the new keys is worth more than these minor souls. There is no need to rush getting everything to mythical when you just end up bottlenecking yourself once you get there.


Like he said… Same plan, same reasons


My reasons are that we are going to need a lot of souls and multiple copies of the troops to lvl them up, not all the troops are good not even after the traistone so while it would be nice to having all runed, we wont really use each troop of the game (Not counting the fact you can actually get stones from normal battles)


Totally agree.


I was blowing my Iron Keys trying to get some of the new troops from Darkstone, but once I got all the common and rare troops I started saving them, mainly because of the increased odds of getting higher rarity troops with the new keys. That and the other cools stuff keys give out now. I don’t have enough of a hoard to make it worth trying to get tons of troops up front for upgrading purposes (about 40 Iron and 1 or 2 Magic).


I will keep 100 or 200 iron keys to have (I hope) enough stones to unlock the traits of my prefered troops.

Else, I use all the others keys because it will a mess to farm troops after patch 1.0.8…
Maybe the most troublesome will be to ascend the common troops: you need 150-200 (???) copies and only gold chests give them… And devs are totally mute about how we are going to drop the gold keys so I prefer to “farm” them now.


I spent all my magic keys (I really hadn’t been hoarding them, only had like 3 laying around I hadn’t used).

My Iron keys I had a bit more of a hoard, though I tend to spend them fairly quickly as well. I am saving only 20 for after the patch (I have spent ~70 to 80 since the preview dropped). I figure that will give me 40 gold keys and 20 glory keys to try to pick up some quick traitstones. I still have some legendaries I don’t have, and the current iron keys overall give better chances than their post patch conversion (gold keys can not give a legendary, every slot in an iron can). I have also been a heavy user of the disenchant all function with a per card cap of 4. I wanted to build back up some of those card stocks before the patch while each pull is guaranteed to be a card.



Opened my stash of 73 keys today to stock up on fodder for upgrading. Got 1 legendary too, Goblin King


Sweet congratulations :smile:


I’m keeping 300 iron keys and gems (1k+) and enough gold for 1.08.
Looks like we need a lots of soul and gems to get decent level up for the current troops.


I played a lot and got all troops (and the rest) a while ago…
Therefore, I have hoarded quite a bit…

I used my remaining 250 magic keys and 500 iron ones when darkstone came out, to get all the troops and a few extra legendaries…

I still have 4000 iron keys waiting… Plus around 7K gems and 50K souls…

Money wise, I have 2MM, since I only started saving 5-6 weeks ago.
@Serale know I still pays my guild due (~250K/week), although its a bit lower than it used to be.

I think I will use half the keys (2K) and 2K gems when 1.08 comes out, then I will spread the remaining keys and gems on the weekly events, to ensure I can get all my troops to mystic. As for money, it depends, I’ll try to get everything the new “gold” key give me. Once I have it, I’ll throw the rest in the guild.


Slightly related, but I have 500 gems… Should I BUY keys now or after 1.08?


Depends, you can buy 40 Magic Keys now and spend them to guarantee 120 troops.

Buy 40 Magic Keys now and have them transfer over into 40 Gem Keys + 80 Gold Keys for Troops, Trait stones, and other resources.

Or wait until 1.0.8 and buy 50(+10 more) Gem Keys for the same price.

Which appeals to you most? Do you want troops? Trait stones? Or more quality rewards?
It’s also negotiable if 10 more Gem Keys is worth 80 Gold Keys.


I shall be hoarding my keys… all 3 of them.


I bought 40 magic keys yesterday, spent them all got 5 legendary troops :smile:
I’m now 1 winter imp away from mythic winter imp xD