1.0.8 Preview Part 2 - Upgrading Troops

Get ready to tinker and strategize, with new troop upgrading features in 1.0.8.
Details >> http://bit.ly/1NJWF1G


Shut up and take my money! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now i dont actually know if saving the keys is actually better… Opening a few might be good…


Please tell me that doesn’t go 5/10/15/20/25 to upgrade from Common to Mythic for all of them?

What I assume/hope is that its less per upgrade for higher rarities (on top of less tiers). Because getting 25 of a legendary would be ridiculous. I keep trying to figure out what a realistic scaling system would be and I can’t.

Maybe the amount to level up is halved for each successive BASE rarity. Or something.

Otherwise it looks really good, obviously. Although that mass disenchant probably needs to stay.

I agree with Serale though, we don’t know anymore if keys should be used now or after. If we need 200 of each Common and the rate at which we can get them is going to be cut overly-dramatically by the Gold Keys offering random resources for the collection, then we should use some. Speaking of which, love the collection.

@Shimrra, it always takes 5 to upgrade from your base rarity… so 5 extra Sheggras gets you a mythic

The progression is not 5/10/15/20/25 either… it ticks up more sharply than that (otherwise Commons would become the easiest cards to get to Mythic!) I don’t have the exact numbers on me right now, so I won’t post them in case I get them wrong!

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Oh. 5 from your base. That makes way more sense than whatever rubbish numbers I was about to post. And I’ll also not post dumbass guesses as to those OTHER numbers since I probably have them wrong too!

Still, if I’d known there would be a 5 legendary upgrade cost… suffice to say I wish you’d removed the mass disenchant button months ago.


But that number of souls on the end above Scarlet :smiley:
I like all of the shown stuff, especially the passive skills :smile:

On the flip side, 5 of a legendary and 15 of an epic are super difficult to get, so we’ll end up with teams of Mythic Commons and Rares for a couple months. That’ll mix things up a bit.

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Oh. Uhhhh… there has got to be a faster way for sacrificing troops to ascension there. Because if its just hitting that arrow every time, that’s going to get old really quick, especially for Commons. I’ll bet holding it down wouldn’t work too well on Mobiles.

Let me take a guess on upgrade costs, I want to see how close I get come patch release.

First Upgrade - 5 Troops Sacrificed
Second Upgrade - 10 Troops Sacrificed
Third Upgrade - 20 Troops Sacrificed
Fourth Upgrade - 35 Troops Sacrificed
Fifth Upgrade - 50 Troops Sacrificed

Common Total - 120 Troops Sacrificed
Rare Total - 70 Troops Sacrificed
Ultra Rare Total - 35 Troops Sacrificed
Epic Total - 15 Troops Sacrificed
Legendary Total - 5 Troops Sacrificed

I now await the big reveal. And I’ll see you when 1.0.8 goes live! (Stole your catchphrase, Sirrian!) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Those numbers could work.

You realize you’re stealing a catchphrase neither of you should be using. Preview III, jeez. Circa 3-4 days from now, get it right! That’ll be before the patch goes live. Probably before it’s submitted to Apple too, although maybe not.

Damn, those numbers of troops needed scales pretty hard. Will be a while, before i will have some mythics, let alone all (collectors ftw^^).

But i have another question concerning ascension: Will the number of souls needed for an upgrade stay or increase with ascension as well?

So does it make a difference if i level a common first (cost 1-15: 2275 souls) or if i ascend it first to say legendary and then upgrade it (legendary cost 1-15: 3405 souls)?

Good question.
As for troops ascension I think it will be
First upgrade - 5
Second upgrade - 10
Third upgrade - 20
Fourth upgrade - 40
And fifth upgrade - 80.

To a total of 155 of communes to get a mythic.

Those numbers to get to lvl15 are the current numbers, so that seems to all be the same. No rush. The only time they changed those around, we were given ample warning.

My guess is it’s already in the Apple process. They should have trademarked Coming Soon™, because they take an awful long time. :smile:

I’ve a question lets say I like to play with double whatever legendary, after I upgrade a one of thrm to mythic, subsequent troops awarded would be on the same level? Also if Ive 7 Sheggras and use 5 to make one mythic, what happens with the other? ??

Edit: @Sirrian can you please confirm the rate of the “rune” thinghys awarded each battle? Is it like two or more from the kingdom color?

It’s same as with the level. Once a troop is upgraded to some level all troops of that kind are that same level.

I don’t think so. In the video, you can see he’s using some Goblins to upgrade, and the counter on the total amount of Common Goblins is going down. This would indicate that other 150 or so wil remain Common.

#cry# and I only bought FOUR Winter Imps last week! :frowning:

They also added that troops will always be received in their lowest quality to clarify things. But imagine the number of troops we would need to upgrade every troop again and again. Number will be high enough for a single troop to become higher rarity. Imagine getting 30 of the same epic troop just to upgrade 2 epic troops to mythic. Finding 15 of the same epic will be hard enough.