Chest Guide - 1.0.8


Hello fellow players!

The long-awaited 1.0.8 update is now upon us, and with it, there are a lot of new features to look into, amongst them the chest tab which has been completely reworked!


The update brought us a complete overhaul of the chest system: there are now 5 different types of chest to choose from! You can buy them by 1, 10 or 50.

To access the chest tab, just click on the chest button on the bottom right of your screen:

From there, you can access any of the new five types of chests:


  • Gold Chests: 1 for 300 gold, 10 for 3000, 50 for 15 000
  • Glory Chests: 1 for 20 glories, 10 for 200, 50 for 1 000
  • Gem Chests: 1 for 10 gems, 10 for 95, 50 for 450
  • Event Chests: 1 for 15 gems, 10 for 143, 50 for 675
  • V.I.P. Chests: 1 for 50 gems, 10 for 475, 50 for 2250


Each of these chests give you access to one reward at a time.

Gold Chests: common or rare prize

  • Common & Rare Troops
  • Major & Minor Traitstones
  • Gold, Gems, Souls & Glory

Glory Chests: a rare or better prize

  • Rare or better troops
  • Major & Runic Traitstones
  • Chance for Legendary

Gem Chests: ultra-rare or better prize

  • Ultra-Rare or better troops
  • Runic & Arcane Traitstones
  • Chance for Legendary x4

Event Chests: latest releases - usually from the latest kingdom, as @actreal detailed.

  • Newest troops
  • Celestial Traitstones

V.I.P. Chests: changing rewards

  • One of specifically chosen troops
  • Arcane & Celestial Traitstones

Opening multiple chests

The new system enables you to open several chests at once:

Once opened, the gained resource will appear:

If you decided to open several chests at once, you can click on the forward button on the bottom right of the screen:

Instead of seeing everything you won one after another, you’ll get a list summarizing all of your rewards:

I hope this guide will help everyone with the new chest system.

Have fun!

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Wow look at you go. Wasted no time on making this excellent resource. Good work!


Excellent guide released so quickly!

It’s probably worth adding that Event chests focus on a particular Kingdom so you’re more likely (but not guaranteed) to get Troops from the Event Kingdom - currently Darkstone.

I expect a Karakoth Event in the near future will cause a lot of Event Chest purchasing…


Thank, I’ll add it right now! :smile: