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Zygrait is recruitng! League rank 178, level 163, reqs: 50k gold, 1000 seals, 50 trophies ♠♥♦♣Open

We are looking for a new active players to join our guild. At this moment we are in the process of rebuilding the guild and kicking off the players, who do not support us at all. That is why we are 21 only and looking for new players. Our limits are 50K gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies per week( or 1500 seals and 150 trophies removes gold limit. ) but if someone cannot play for some time, it is enough to write in the chat in advance. Players are kicked off after two failed weeks in row and no explanation why they failed to meet the limits.

4 vacancies.

5 vacancies

Do you still need a new enthousiast member?
I’m level 325 and willing to join. I like your support levels.
Please let me know if you’re interested.

Kind regards.

Hello, Vince still have free 5 points, we will be very happy if you join us, write to invite code or get out of the current team and I will send you an invitation.

Nice! My invite code is VINCE_22

It is done, you are welcome here, perhaps you will be happy, then we will we, too, if you need anything, write to chat and happy to help.

hi, the guild task is done ? if yes i’m interested :wink:

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Hi i am lvl 140, interested in joining if you still have space. Invite code: UTTERNOOB

Hi Utternoob,invite send.

Hi Ragnarok, yet not too much, now we have one made, plus 2 magic, but otherwise they are not very well, but I believe that over time we will manage it better with better players. even so, do you want to join us?

I have 3 vacancies.


If you still looking for an active player I can join. Lvl 214 daily player.Invite code: STASIS01

I have 6 vacancies.

I have 5 vacancies.

Hi, I’m new to the game but progressing nicely. I am at 800+ seals this week already but I am on holiday so my grinding time is more than what it will be once I go back to work. I’m dedicated though and would like to be part of an active guild, both in progress but also chat with you guys in guild chat. My current guild there is no one ever in chat…I have a feeling they are from a much different time zone.

Let me know if you’d accept a newer, dedicated player. Thanks.

P.S. I’d have to leave my current guild first but don’t want to until I know you’ll take me.
P.P.S. 50k gold from the start might be too much for me? The seals, trophies I think I can do.

Hi, I am ~lvl 120 player with all kingdoms level maxed. I like the level of requirement your guild have, and I have no problem meeting/exceeding them.

If you are interested I will need to leave my current guild first before accepting an invite code. Let me know. Thanks and happy new year.

hi Guys (xPepi, Meldin)
At this moment we are full, but there are few players that gave us almost nothing last week and haven’t played for 5 days now. Normally I kick off players only after 2nd week, but in this case there does not seem to be a perspective of improvement so I will suggest to kick them off. If no one complains I will let you know.

to xPepi: our guild limits are 50K gold, 500 seals, and trophies, but the gold is the least important, so if someone can reach 1500 seals and 150 trophies, then there is no gold limit at all. The reason for that is that our main goal is to reach 40K seals a week and for that we need as many players who can give us 1500 seals a week.

It is open access to the guild.

It is open access to the guil