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[I’m not guild admin anymore, so this thread is closed]

Hi. Please invite me. Lvl 102
Invite code SLEEPY 9

Invitation sent

Can you invite me please if there are still slots

Level 287

Please see PM for details

2 slots open again.
Please leave your invitation code if you’re interested in joining and can fulfill the requirement 75k gold & 75 trophies a week.


Level 107

1 slot open.

Looking for someone that can get 1500 seals next week (26.9.-2.10.) because we want to get the 5 star guild chest!


1 slot available!
Looking for somebody than can get at least 800 trophies until Sunday. (which you can only do if you haven’t claimed more than 700 seals for another guild this week already, or if you’re willing to spend real cash on seals in shop)
Please read first post for more info.


1 slot open


Looking for some new members

Requirements: 400k gold / 1200 seals / 150 trophies.

For more info please read first post.

Invite code: ALCEMAR
lvl 160.

Hey sorry for the late answer. Are you still interested in joining?

I would be interested. EOWYN_8

Hey Eowyn. When you responded we were full but now we have one spot available. Still interested?

Recruitment open again.
Requirements: 400k gold / 1200 seals / 150 trophies.
For more information please refer to the first post.

Elliot_39 would love to join

Id love to join, I can meet requirements.
Invite code HYPERCORE