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An active player looking for an active guild

I am a 217lvl player with 11 kingdoms at level 10 (currently using celestial armor, currently saving for dragon armor). I’m looking for a guild that can achieve atleast 20k seal chest.

What i can provide:
Gold: atleast 150k/200k a week (can go higher depending on a week).
Seals: 1000 to 1500 (again, depending on a week).
Trophies: 200 or more (never really paid attention to trophies so i don’t really know whats my average for them).

Also worth mentioning: I am a F2P user, which means i don’t have any VIP points.

Please leave info about your guild below. Thank you in advance.

Caramba would be glad to have you. We could reach 20,000 seals if we can get some more members. We have 12 active members and mathematically can’t reach that goal without purchasing seals. Send me a PM with your invite code and give us a try. You can also check out our recruit thread for more info.

Could open up one spot in Realm of the Undead.
Currently rank 207 and rising fast.
Achieved 37,000 seals last week without purchasing any, hope to reach 40,000 this week.
Reqiuremrnts are 1500 seals, tier 1 pvp, minimum 100 trophies.
Gold contributions are based on your level.
Mariana, GM

I’m pretty sure i can get 1.5k seals consistently, 1st pvp tier i usually get by Tuesday, 100 trophies is nothing. Sounds good to me, gonna PM you my invite code if you still got a spot.

Give me 5 minutes and I will invite you.
We also ask our members to join our chat group on LINE

Invite sent
Welcome to the Realm
Please say hi in guild chat

All good, thank you for the invite.