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Very active guild, level 168, we are recruiting. One spot open. Share in our success

Realm of the Undead has one spot open
Rank 153, Master II, 220% gold bonus daily.
Have achieved 40,000 seals twice
Three buffs in place this week, purple, red, blue
Join our international guild that works as a team and has fun.
Minimum level 200 to join
1500 seals weekly
Active in pvp, minimum 100 trophies a week
Gold contributions based on your level.
Must be willing to join our group on LINE
Please pm with invite code if interested
Mariana, GM

I joined this guild a few weeks ago, and it has been great. Very active guild using LINE for great communication. Everyone helps out and has fun. I have not felt any pressure to contribute more than reasonable. I recommend to anyone debating on what guild to join, to really consider this one.

Hello I am interested in joining. I meet all the requirements. Invite code is - ARDUPL. thanks

Hi there, is the spot filled? If not, here’s my code , SCHUDIA, thx.

Invite sent
Welcome to the Realm
Please say hello on guild chat

If a spot opens up I would love to join. Very active player, can meet all requirements. CRONDUN is my invite code. Thanks!

Sorry Schudia, I just filled the vacancy.
I may have one more come open at the end of the week.
What is your current level?
Can you do 1500 seals and 100 trophies per week?
Are you willing to join LINE?

Sorry Crondun, I just filled the vacancy.
May have one come open at the end of the week.
What is your current level.
Are you willing to join LINE?
Thanks for your interest.

level 39 and I am willing to join LINE.

Sorry but our minimum level to join is 100.
Lyndale, who is one of the nicest people on here was recruiting, you could try her guild. She has a recruiting post on forums

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Aw thank you Mariangail! You made my day.
@crondun we had a spot open a very short time ago if you are interested. Pm sent

Hi there, my level is 180ish n seals/trophy no problem.

Willing to join Line.

Sorry, would love to have you but we are currently full.
I have passed your name to another GM, Lyndale

One spot now open.
Join a great group that works as a team and has fun.

hello, my level is 143
I want to join your team invite code is HDRAGON 1
All requirements don’t be a problem.

Can I have the position this time? Lv 200 now, thx.

It shows you are already in a guild, you have to leave it first

You are currently in a guild, you have to leave it first

One spot still open, please reply by private message if interested

I’m left the guild, invite me!
thank you.