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Looking for Guild that can hit 20k regularly

Hey, all,

New to the forums, so hi everybody!

I’m in the 140s and am currently in a group that is running too casual – they only barely hit 10k, and about half of them contributed 0 seals last week. I don’t necessarily want a super-hardcore group, but a group where most people contribute enough to pop the 20k chests would be awesome.

I give around 50k gold per week, and I’ve maxed out my seals for the first two weeks the seals have been active.

Thanks! Now off to read about builds and figure out how to make a darn defenders team that can win more than twice a week.

Realm of the Undead, rank 280, one spot open.
We almost hit 40,000 seals last week, make 20,000 no problem.
Very active guild, members contribute gold and seals.
You meet our requirements easily.
Joining chat group on LINE required.
Mariana, GM

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That sounds wonderful, Mariana! Thanks! How do I find your guild? (Sorry, stumbled through the first guild process, still figuring it out.)

Have just left old group. Invite is my username, THRIMDRANG. :slight_smile:

Invite sent. Welcome.
Please say hi in guild chat when you arrive.
Hope to chat with you there on and on LINE soon.