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Realm of the Undead Recruiting! {CLOSED, WRONG THREAD, DERP}

Are you tired of clubbing (guild) seals alone?
Are your donations feeling less like a ‘nation’ with no one to share the load with?
Are these really reaching and I should get to the point?

Realm of the Undead is in need of new members! We are rank 53 and in the third bracket for Guild Wars. Requirements are 500k / 1500s / 200t, though if you are an active but lower level player, we lower these so you can build up your kingdoms.

We communicate on a chat server and are all around friendly and encouraging. I would characterize us as a group that plays for fun and I think most of us reach requirements without a ton of effort. Tasks are complete mostly by Tuesday or Wednesday, we get a number of legendary tasks done, and we hit 40k seals by the weekend.

If this sounds like a place you want to call home, comment or PM me!

Little bump for our guild we have 1 spot currently open. If you are looking for a good group of people who can help you with this game and have fun come join us (PM Darsynia).

Hi, Im lvl 150, can’t make the 500k gold, can make 400k+, but I can make the 1.5k seals and 200t, also I can make all guild wars

Once upon a time I was pretty low level in comparison and a chance was taken–please tell me your invite code and we’d be happy to have you! Sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

Thanks for the invite Darsynia, but I got into another clan, it wouldn’t be nice just to leave them, thx again and good luck :slight_smile:

This is an awesome team of great people.
Enjoy playing with a competitive team who support and help each other?
Join now, only one spot available.

One spot available

like Mariana said, one spot available if you will like a friendly atmosphere we have and all the rewards!

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Rank 54 now! Join our awsome team, only one spot available.

Many have died trying to get in this is your chance, PM someone from this thread and you could be in!

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One spot open

One spot open! Rank 54 I’m trophies, Rank 34 in Guild Wars!

One spot open before reset
Join our awsome team
Legendarys, 40k seals
Requirements 200 trophies, max seals, 300k, all kingdoms levelled

New spot opened up for someone, join the best and forget the rest!

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Yes, join the best and forget the rest.

One spot left before reset
Requirements 200 trophies, max seals, 300k, all kingdoms levelled
Join our awsome team

See above, Imagine all of those guild statues at your back when you do whatever you do in Gems of War… We have one spot open for someone, join a fun and very knowledgeable guild. PM anyone of us, me, Mariana or Darsynia or respond to this thread if you are interested.

Rank 53 Now!