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Looking for a new guild

Hi, I’m level 221 and have finished maxing all my kingdoms to level 10 so I am looking for an active guild where I can focus putting my gold towards. My invite code is chobitzz.


we are rated around 235. We are looking for more active players

we don’t require gold/trophies each week just what you feel you can add. we are doing between 1 and 3 tasks a day.
We also have masteries at 18 or higher for all colors.

I sent you an invite

My guild is recruiting if you are still looking.

We require PvP to Rank 1 each week.
We are currently a level 33 Guild at Rank 1688. We have 11 spots open and plan to fill them as soon as possible. We have a Daily Bonus of +100% Gold and our current members do donate regularly.

Realm of the Undead rank 260 has one spot open
Requirements are rank 1 pvp weekly
1500 seals weekly
Gold contributions based on rank
Must be willing to join LINE
Mariana, GM

Audles recruitment thread

FYI to all the guilds posting here; this is a necro’d thread from 8 months ago. You may want to just move on. :slight_smile: