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Currently rank 55
Grandmaster I, 300% gold bonus daily
40k seals and Legendary tasks
We are competitive and work as team.
Minimum level 200
Must have all kingdoms levelled
Able to contribute 1200 seals, minimum 200 trophies weekly
Able to contribute minimum 300K weekly.
PM me if interested or have questions.
Mariana, GM


One spot open, looking to complete minimum of 3 tasks this week, purple completed day one. Come and join our team and share in or success!

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Hi! Im HIGHLY interested! Im a little bit new, but I have enough gold and I def get my share of trophies! Im looking for active, fun, friendly, and competitive! Please consider me as being a part of the team! I will not disappoint! I promise ! :smiley:

Invite Code: Raquel_40

Thank you so much!

I am away from the game but have asked someone from my guild to send you an invite.
We are fun, active and friendly. Be sure to join our chat group on LINE. We have such a great group on our team.

Omg ! Thanks so much Im excited!

RaqqieMellis is my ID

One spot open, we have a great team, join in our success!

One spot open, we use LINE for reliable communication, you don’t have to chat as long as you check for messages.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S.!

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Hello, I am fairly new to the game but I have already sunk in a lot of money and time into it, I just recently left a guild that was in 250ish area because there were a lot of inactive players, if you guys are active and I can stay in touch with an admin i would love to join. I try very hard to get maxed on my seals every week, thank you I look forward to hearing from you!

Invite code: CYBER_8


What is your current level?
We have a lot of experienced players that can help if you can join LINE. It’s free on the App Store or Google Play.
If not you need to keep in touch through in game chat.


my current level is 44 but ive only been playing for about 2 weeeks, and its a no go on line but i can chat through in game chat or steam

Can you do a minimum of 100 trophies and 1000 seals per week?
I will have to get back to you in about 10 hours time.

yes i can do both of those

Ok, I might get in trouble with my team but I will give you a chance.

thank you very much, i look forward to the invite!

Invite sent. Welcome to the Realm.
I will likely contact you through pm on here from time to time as in game chat is notoriously unreliable


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One still available, we have rewards, sorry no cookies.
We work as a team, are competitive and have fun too.
What more could you possibly want from a an awesome guild :smile:

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Oh nos! Sending you some cookies. And milk because you’re such a nice person!

Hi Level 300ish active player looking for guild since I need a place to spend gold and have a better guild chest (i have my own guild with just myself). Over 1K seals per week and kingdoms all level 10. Let me know, ONTHECAN is invite. Thanks