{{{••••REALM OF THE UNDEAD — RECRUITING}}} Have fun, kick ass, get cake!

Ok, the cake is a lie/extremely difficult to mail, it turns out…

We are looking to fill our ranks and build back up to full strength! Most importantly, we may have lost some members but it was drama-free, so there’s no tension waiting to make things uncomfortable. Quite honestly, a few folks left for a guild with easier requirements, a few left for higher ones, and a few left because it’s scary when it looks like a guild is losing members, lol.

We ask 200t, 300k, 1,500s, 30 GW battles if you are leveling kingdoms, it’s 150t, 100k, and 1,000s.

Previously we hit legendary tasks by Tuesday evening, 40k seals by Saturday for sure. I’d say we’ll hit one LT a week with fewer members. I am honest, lol.

We use LINE chat and help with team suggestions. We look forward to seeing you in-game!

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we have just open slots for everyone who is looking for a family-like guild.
We try to take care of all kind of players

Help us, to get better and join the Realm of the Undead

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Four spaces, bring your friends! Our requirements recently raised and as a result, we lost a few members that were seeking lower reqs—understandable and we wish them well. Our loss could be your gain!

bumb. we have just 4 open spots. Join tody.

have fun, join us!

Enjoy life in the Top 50!

A new week, come on over!

Weekend is coming. Start your journey today with a friendly and fun driven guild.

Looking for a few good players, PM one of us if interested

Ok folks, join us tonight, even if you are leveling kingdoms—we don’t turn away great people just because they’re bettering themselves and their kingdoms!

We’re a great guild! Humble too!

We are still searching for people to join our rank. Come enjoy the game with us.

Come join an awesome guild

I can meet your reqs. HELEN_103

Awesome, invite on the way :). I will say we are a bit laid back this week because of the holiday, just fyi

Буду рада быть в вашей гильдии код приглашения REAPER_241