Lvl 72 looking for new home full of active players (closed)

I’m looking for active guild with at least 20k seals week (perfect would be 40k), in top 100 and with statues 50-60 at least (80 would be perfect).

Right now my stats look like this:
72 lvl
1k seals/week minimum (but aiming for 1500)
200-250 trophy (rank 1 each week minimum)
Gold - mostly trying lvl up my kingdoms, so i kinda counting leader to be understanding in that matter, hoping some discounts :slight_smile:
Kingdoms - 3x 10 lvl, 1x 8lvl (by Monday should be 10), rest 5lvl
got Dragon & Celestial armor

I’m new to this game (playing for about 2 weeks), don’t have high level and there’s much for me still to learn, but I offer my time and some resources to back any active, friendly team of player that are willing to add me to their ranks. Don’t know how much can I expect looking at my profile but i try my luck finding best one out there :sunglasses:

Hi, we are looking for members, if you are interested see below:

Hope you will join

Found new guild, topic close