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Looking for a guild for myself and 3 other players

Hey everyone!

A few of my friends and I have started playing the game about a week ago.
We are playing pretty consistently now, and would like to join a guild.
Ideally, we’d join an active guild with room for 4 people, but close to max people.

We are playing on Mobile.
Please let me know if you have room for us.


Hi - I just moved your thread into the PC/Mobile guild recruitment category. That should help the right people find you. Good luck!


Thanks for the help!

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How active of a guild are you looking for (if you’re still looking)?

I’m the leader of a semi-casual, growing guild that’s usually full or near full of members, but with varying degrees of activity, such that I usually clean out some lesser active members on Sunday evenings; we’re generally always open to having more active people to replace members who become less active. Feel free to look up the “Fantasy Fighters” recruitment thread on here or PM me for more information/if you’re interested.

We currently don’t usually fully complete the guild gold tasks yet, but we do get to the 6-7 tier of all of the tasks based on the current participation, and depending on the week accumulate anywhere between 11k-21k seals, and we’d love to have more people that can contribute a decent amount of gold (once your kingdoms are leveled) and seals to bring those numbers up. No trophy number or level requirements.

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Do you have room for the 4 of us? We are all real life friends, so we want to get in together if possible.

You’re welcome; provided you PM me your invite codes like mentioned in the message I sent you, welcome to our guild once I get those invites sent out!