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Fantasy Fighters recruitment thread - relatively casual, but looking for long term members

We’re a relatively chill guild with modest preferred weekly minimums; some members contribute a lot more (I usually do >400k gold and 1500 seals/week), some are newer and can’t yet. We welcome players of all levels.

We’ve grown significantly over the last couple months, currently with a rank in the low 800’s; we have a 220% login gold bonus with all guardian statues at lv 64 or greater. Currently we regularly hit >10,000 seals/week, and have occasionally hit >20,000. We’d love to see that reach higher with some more regular players.

Current preferred minimums:

20k gold/week to guild tasks
700 seals/week
at least try the guild events each week, with fairly regular guild wars participation

Note that the above minimums are not absolutely strict, so long as you leave an indication in the guild’s chat as to why you can’t make them in a given week (working on kingdoms for gold, life’s busy for a week, etc.), and they are subject to change based on guild member input as we continue to grow. There is no weekly minimum on trophies so that people can play how they want; we just want relatively active people who plan on sticking with it and want to contribute.

Leave your invite code below if interested in joining. At the time of this posting, we have several open slots.

bumping as we still have several slots open. Feel free to leave your info here or pm me if interested in joining our guild.

Still looking for new, friendly members; with just the 2/3 max members that are in right now, we’ve almost hit 20k seals as of now for this week.

Continuing to seek players interested in joining the growing guild; let me know if you’re interested!

Still have several open slots; new players or experienced players welcome. Message me or leave a comment here if interested.

Several spots open in our guild for any interested, after several prior members recently stopped playing. Would love to get some new players in our guild, and we welcome anyone who’s willing to contribute. First post edited to reflect current guild status.

Message me or leave an invite code if interested.

Do you have 2 openings

I’ve got a couple relatively inactive spots that I can free up; what’re your invite codes?

My invite codes are

Ok; can’t access my Steam account to invite you at the moment, but will in a few hours. Just make sure you’re not in another guild in order for the guild invite to go through.

Invite sent to both; welcome!