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Looking for a new guild to help me grow

Hi, I’ve been playing for a while but still fairly new. I’m looking for a guild that will help me max my kingdoms and help me grow as a player. A casual guild because I have a kid and a life too, but I play on both PC/mobile. I’m currently lvl 234 and all of my kingdoms are at 5 with 40% at 10. Can someone help me out? I’m on here daily no matter what, and I’m very active in GW and will usually get 5/5 everytime.

Found one!!! Thank you!!!

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I am too finding a new active guild but i am quite new to game as lvl 40

anyone can spare 1 space for me ?

Hi - if you’re still looking we’re a relaxed Guild with a couple of upper level players (1,054, 856) covering the gold so players leveling kingdoms contribute mostly seals. If a lower level player starts a task indicating what they need, one of the upper level players with Kingdoms maxed will complete it for the guild. Only requirement is active play and seal contribution - two weeks inactive without notifying the Guild master = kick - and seal count is growing weekly. We have openings in you’re interested. Cheers!