Fast learning player looking for Active guild

Hi there,

I’m playing the game for a week and I’m looking for a guild with active players that can help me better understand the game mechanics, while having fun!


My guild, Fantasy Fighters, is always open to new players and has players of varied activity levels. Not many of us are active on the guild chat, but those of us that are often provide feedback to the newer members; we just had a newbie join a couple weeks ago - they love it and have been earning the max 1500 seals the last couple weeks. We mainly ask for at least trying the guild modes each week, regardless of how well or how much you do, and a minimal amount of gold to the tasks and at least 700 seals each week (several go way over on both of those), and we don’t go crazy if you have a low week as long as you mention why if you know beforehand that it’s going to be a busy week.

Let me know and PM me your invite code if you’re interested. You can also search for our recruitment thread for more info.