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Zygrait is recruitng (League rank #245, Level 120) Reqs. 50K gold, 500 seals, 50 trophies

We are looking for a new active players to join our guild.

At this moment we are in the process of rebuilding the guild and kicking off the players, who do not support us at all.
That is why we are 21 only and looking for new players.

Our limits are 50K gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies per week but if someone cannot play for some time, it is enough to write in the chat in advance. Players are kicked off after two failed weeks in row and no explanation why they failed to meet the limits.

There is also a chance that from January, the limits will be a bit higher, but only if majority of the guild members agrees.

Our bonuses:
• +43 to +53 Guild Mana Mastery
• +200% Daily Gold Bonus
• +3% Tribute Chance Bonus
• +25% XP Bonus
• +3 Map Turns Bonus
• +4% Tribute Amount Bonus
• +20% Souls Bonus

If you are interested in joining us and are accepting the guild limits, write your invite code.