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In virtue RANK#18 recruiting 28/30 [OPEN]

Welcome to In virtue.
We are looking for active players

Guild info
guild level 485
rank #18 ( 289kT, Daily bonus 300%)
90~91 guardian level

150kGold / 800 Seal / 100 Trophies
it should be finish within Saturday midnight on your country time
(we will check your progress before weekly update)

If you’re interested, reply to this post with your invite code and we’ll get back to you in-game.

I’m interested in a spot. I usually get 1500 seals and a few hundred K gold as well as 300+ trophies. I’m at work right now but i can check back on my next break.

Invite code is: Birdman864

you are already in the other guid
plz leave first ^^

I just left the guild. You can invite whenever you get a chance.

i sent a invitation ^^ welcome!

Thanks for the invite

I can do 100k gold, 200 trophies, 1500 seals

With your guild bonuses id hit that 150k requirement.

I’m in a guild but would leave for this

plz leave invite code after left current guild

YERMA is my invite code :slight_smile:

invitation mail was sent ^^ welcome!

I would like to enter some extremely active guild. Contributing and making seals is not problem for me. I am 291 lvl. Invite code BAXTER _4

now we have a slots
if u want to join plz reply again

2 slots are open now!

Hi, I would like to join your guild. Level 1036, can easily do all requirements + more. All kingdoms maxed. Invite code ELLCARJEN. Thank you.

If you’re still looking for members I’m definitely interested! Level 106, average 1000 seals, 200k contributions, 100+ trophies per week, SHINI_3 please and thank you!

Invite code sent Ellcarjen.

Shini, you are still in another guild, so can not invite yet.

I’m lvl 296 and if you’re still looking for new players, I would like to join your guild. Requirements are not a problem.
My invite code is EVILHOMER_1

This thread is obsolete. Please refer to the most recent one here.

Unfortunately, the Guild is full at the moment.