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Zuul' Goth... Just wow


Really? Costing this much to acquire, a spell so costly with a worse payout than The Great Maw’s spell and a trait that is also a better version of Great Maw’s legendary trait i expected he would be able to cast it more than once… :unamused:

I saw his spell on the spoilers, thanks @Taransworld, but i honestly hoped it was just a “placeholder” model or something…

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We wanted Zuul’Goth to be available to obtain as a troop also, but his primary purpose is for the new gamemode Raid Bosses. The version in Raid Bosses is too powerful as a normal troop card for gameplay. The trade off comes at the cost of his spell which works very well against impervious, indigestible, and fortitude traits.


Seems viable to me. Kill the first troop if it has Stoneskin or more, then skull the next one. Not too bad. (or Kill the 2nd troop, skull the 1st, or just be creative)

The gain 5 to all skill points is a little weird if it doesn’t use magic for anything.

Haven’t had problems casting Worldbreaker or Scorpius, so this won’t be too much different.

I see it this way.

Mythic craftables are all about different aspects of grief.

Dawnbringer is about griefing players who don’t have it, which is why it’s allowed in Arena against all logic. (Denial)

Zuul’Goth is about griefing players who have it, which is why it has such a limp ability. (Anger)

The next craftables will be about, in order: bargaining, depression, and acceptance.


I could certainly see Cedric Sparklesack being about bargaining.

Of course, no one’s ever going to get him now :joy:


Raw damage in the face also tends to solve a lot of problems when applied consistently and repeatedly… In imaginary fantasy settings of course. :wink:

At the cost of 32 manas killing only a single troop is a bad trade, also his trait being activated on skull is a bad design for a troop with such high cost of mana and a spell that get’s nothing from extra magic/armor/attack/life…

He is not like the Worldbreaker or Infernus because he can only deal with one troop at time and doesn’t explodes gems allowing for a chance to loop, so i don’t see a problem if he could cast his spell again and again…

Instakill gets around opponents with 500+ life… like a drunk Lady Anariel


I actually like this guy, he can basically wipe out any single troop, with no chance to prevent it (other than mana draining him) and then briefly knobble the rest of the team, also if you have him up front and focus on getting his ability off quickly you’ll also get a strong chance of getting a 4 or 5 skull match and very good chance of a few skull cascades buffing him significantly.

He’s also reducing enemy chance to get their magic off quickly with jinx so that’s nice, maybe a skull damage reduction would be better but that would also be pretty powerful.

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The question is does the trait even trigger in all slots like Maw, or is it restricted to first slot only?

I mean, he actually doesn’t look that bad. Not amazing in all situations, but not unusable. 32 mana can still be easily obtained using “Unity Mana”, a kill with probably an extra turn and some stats could be decent. Its just really, really hard to build around mythics intended to go in the first slot because they hamper mana generation to the point where the whole team suffers, even worse when they also have high mana. I’m pretty sure I’d be able to use him, but hes not exactly optimal. I wouldn’t call him worse than Maw (current generation, clearly he is worse than release version) for that reason, because I’d use him differently. Mostly, its the lack of the ability for his match trait to do anything close to what Maw can get off a single devour even untraited. 5 per skull with a skullblob spell when match traits could actually fire more than once off a single board would have been super imposing, but seeing this post match trait nerf he seems more suited to pokes or random cascades. More than likely, I’d use him as a 3rd or 4th slot mana catch in a reckless team that is way more likely to survive barrages and be able to close out the match if things start to go south (but not too far south). Kinda like a better Gargautaur. Everybody loves Gargantaur, right? Right?

One minor addition I’d give to his spell… have him stun first. Annhilation should mean that nobody is coming back from it, so having traitsummons trigger after he annihilates a troop feels… wrong.


Gorgotha isn’t color blocked by Zuul’Goth, so thats your 1-2 punch. Add in a The Wild Queen coming soon or just a Scylla and let the skulls flow.


From the phrasing used i believe so.

I’ve been posting in too many different threads and i totally forgot to mention this and use the Dwarf Mythic as example…

I appreciate your optmism, but i honestly can’t see many reasons to use Zuul’Goth in such compositions instead of using other troop that is already better…

He is so disappointing for such a high price that it’s not even fun to consider any effort trying to make an almost decent team for “Goth Boi”…

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I love his artwork! Absolutely awesome.

but can he target stealthy troop though?

spend and you will acquire

Does Zuul’ Goth’s spell work against towers?


And add Queen Ysabelle to make use of his 100+ attack stat.

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Anyone know why the devs give all 1 shot troops high mana costs it seems weird to me

Probably because the one-shot ability itself tends to be quite strong - Maw and Scorpius for example.

True but that is generally why’s it’s a one shot. For instance Kerberos needs 15 mana (7 less than maw) but has a chance to devour and can cast multiple times. Maw is only once but I think the one shot aspect should allow for a slightly lower mana cost to offset it.

I’m not sure that logic works. Kerberos only has a 40% chance to devour; Maw’s is 100% (excluding barriers etc) - there’s no way you could have a 100% devour ability costing less than a 40% chance, irrespective of the number of possible casts. The same is true with Scorpius - his ability kills the 3rd and 4th troops - a low mana cost combined with mana generators would trivialise the game.