Zuul' Goth... Just wow


But the payout of Maw one-shot spell is quite huge as it gets all stats of the devoured troop. I know “Goth Boi” can finish Impervious and Indigestible targets, but it’s not really a big deal as we can achieve the same with as much as two spells, usually, and for much less mana…

And his Mythic trait is just… :expressionless: ugh… it’s more geared towards a frontline position and could benefit from his spell IF he could cast it more than once even ignoring the strain of having three colors blocked…

Score: 1/10.
Wouldn’t craft unless i would have 20+ of that “Supreme Orb” after having all cards at Mythic.

Yay! Finally Gargantaur is not the worst Mythic! I’m so glad i have him! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Gargantaur is still worse.

At least Zuul’Goth can do something, even if its just once. Gargantaur is 22 mana for 37 damage early on.


I understand that the certainty of maws attack is devastating, however the mana diff is 7 maw could be reduced to 18 or 19 mana. My query was why one shot troops have a significantly higher mana cost than troops with a chance to do the same thing multiple times.

To me maw isn’t a threat compared to Kerberos since maw can only kill one troop whereas with explorers and loopers Kerberos can cast his kill chance spell every 1 to 2 turns and if devour triggers can seriously cripple a team, in addition to putting his stats to silly levels.

Hmm… I supposed I can put it this way maw has a 100% chance to kill 1 troop 0% for all others. Kerberos has a 40% to kill 1 troop, a 16% to kill 2 and 6.4% to kill 3. The ability to cast multiple times is a powerful effect by itself.


“Goth Boi” really pisses me off for the sole reason of being the newest, and most expensive troop, i totally despise for being dull…
But well, it’s not the worst the devs could come up with… I must add that this is not a challenge to make any new Mythic worse! :grimacing:


True, but Maw is also a gem spawner, so I guess you have to factor that in too. I see your point though.


Newer player here, but I have Doom claw (or death claw) the mythic bear who does 19 damage to your target, and 25% chance to devour above and below… With my team I can generally get it cast 2-5 times in a fight, and I’ve dominated (With some luck obviously) when doing Dungeon fights, that through regular stats I couldn’t begin to melee or spell my way into winning.
Infernal king
No one is really spawing gems for my claw, but infernal and sheggra keep the skulls flowing and even without upping the attack from claws start of 27(maybe 29) he can put in about 80 or 90 damage for a melee hit.
On one lucky dungeon though I devoured both above and below and he was siting there with 89 attack, 70 some shield and 90 or so life. the rest of the fight took 2 turns.

Personally I would take a multi cast ability( and some luck) over a single cast one.


I feel like if his stat buff trait buffed everyone demon and monster…or something akin to that. It would feel more mythic.


I feel like he would have been cool as a multi-caster (with the same spell). I think the 32 mana requirement is high enough that it would balance his ability to instakill. Hopefully he gets tweaked once the devs see him not really being used.


Personally I’m alright with something that’s voluntary, prohibitively expensive to obtain and isn’t a must have. Easy decision and no sleep lost over not getting him.