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Wishful thinking

My daily offers are only crap. @Saltypatra
Ex : it keep offering me every f*****g day some ingots to upgrade weapons. I don’t need ingots, ALL my weapons are fully upgraded. The fact is I need a new weapon to upgrade a kingdom. I don’t need ingots for this weapon (I have plenty of ingots, enough to upgrade all missing weapons (except doomed weapons)), I only need the weapon !
It’s just a dumb system. Why offering me to buy ingots ? It’s useless.

Yes, I need pets, I need weapons, I need deeds, I need Mythics, I need doom scrolls, but for the rest …


The spam continues.
“New” offer.

It was less depressing when I thought I was just suffering from “confirmation bias” now that I’ve been tracking that I’ve been literally been getting the same offer 33% of the time (at least) each day. The rubber band effect is definitely in full effect. But even if that is the case. Where the Frank are my War coin offers then? Since I’ve NEVER been offered them. Unless being vip 13 and level 1600+ rules those offers out for me as well.

At a certain point saying RNG truly needs to have a * attached when you have so many things effecting what actually dictates what happens before a player sees what another player sees.


How great it would be to put doom scrolls in offers…I don’t see why not.


This is a good example of why the offers at the end of arena are poor design.

You should be rewarded for completing something, arena in this case. But, you aren’t. You are given the opportunity to spend gems on something. What something? Who knows. You won’t know until you complete the game mode (arena). That isn’t a reward.

I am fine with cash shops. Make them easy to access, not a reward to something.

Remove the gem cost of the “reward” so it is free but still random, and suddenly, it will become a reward.

I also think the RNG should be either simplified and not differentiate between people, or be further enhanced so that useless rewards (treasures when all factions are maxed) aren’t a thing.


They created the AB system so everything was equal, then changed their minds by giving random rewards in offers, most of which are generic…

I can’t quite work it out…


Me too! I’ve started tracking offers as well because they are so repetitive. I never got an imperial deed offer from arena but at least used to get writs occasionally. Those have completely disappeared now and I haven’t seen even a writ offer for ages

(Pardon the last image was easier to just take a ss of my photos ;))


I’ve just got 2 reduced price writ offers 2 days ago, but on the other side -> i’m also getting lot’s of the crap you’ve posted above.

Usually at least 1 of 3 is such crap. Sometimes i get lucky and get 2 pet offers, other times it’s usualy: medals, supplies, delve crap, crafting offers (which are terrible even compared to non-sunday dungeon offer - only thing that makes them “viable” is that’s only way to gain extra crafting resources apart from what you’d normaly gain)

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Today’s results.
The other offer was the same as yesterday as well. But since it wasn’t related to treasures. I don’t want to confuse the devs here.

Is it bug report time yet?

They will say working as intended. The eye and smell test say otherwise.

Edit: and these are the things their “not broken” rng controls. So…


I find this so amusing since you keep coming back daily with mire screenshots.

I am sorry you keep getting useless offers, but this is funny… For me at least. :smiling_imp:

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I’ll be sure to be keep that in mind in your future complaints about exclamation marks on the world map.

See those are intended. These offers being broken in the arena is probably not intended and just part of lazy coding and the continued push (and failure) to be more automated. But since it doesn’t effect you… I guess you don’t care and you find it funny. Fair enough I guess. 🤷

Finally didn’t get a delve offer.
But I did get this offer twice today. (Out of only 3 possible arena offers mind you.)
(Which I have definitely saw other days as well, but didn’t want to confuse the devs with it. Thought it would be more simple to just complain about the genie lamp.)

Hopefully it’s not a sign that I’ll be now trolled by this offer. That I definitely don’t need.

I get this one a lot too and I have over 20k each of all jewels.

Ouch. My playful banter didnt come across well online. Sorry. My comment was in support of you. I am laughing at the ridiculousness of the offers, highlighted by the fact you can show screenshots daily.


I’ve started tracking offers too.
Result : this is repetitive.

Ingots, XP, Ingots, Ingots, Ingots, XP, Ingots, …

I repeat again : I really don’t need ingots, all my not-doomed weapons are upgraded (I only need a missing weapon for a kingdom’s upgrade and I already have plenty of ingots to upgrade it).

Never an imperial deed, scrolls, a pet or whatever. Just dumb offers. This system is just a garbage. With a simple result : I don’t spend gems for those offers, a pure $ loss for the Devs.

On this note, I currently am pet-locked in kingdom progression and have been getting pet offers every day. Seeing posts like these really mess with my FOMO and make me want to purchase all pet offers, since I’ll be seeing them until the kingdom’s power is actually increased.

Of course, this also means that I’ll rarely see pet offers unless I actually need it for a kingdom’s progression.

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I think I only got pet offer once, not lying.

If I had to guess - 2-3 pet offers per month here.

Im about to send in a ticket and rage a little. (I know it wont help, and I will have to wait 7 weeks for a reply)