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Daily Deal/Gem Bounties Day of Luck - Which is correct?

So, I’m in the middle of attempting to do gem value calculations when I notice this:


On the left is my main account, on the right is my secondary account. Was there a stealth buff or a stealth nerf? Which prices should we expect in the future? I need these for projections. I already got the gem bounty (which is much lower) on my alt account before noticing this, so if it is not correct, I will also need to put in a support ticket.

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Maybe vip level give you % more diamond like when you buy gems?

That’s interesting. My level is 1,000+ and I was offered 150 diamonds.

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Mine also was 150 diamonds.

My alt account has been up for a few days, so it is likely that this is the on that is incorrect - I could very well have old data. This is interesting because they would have had to have altered the values post-update, which is a sign that the devs are taking feedback and making adjustments. At least, I certainly hope so, because the numbers shown on my low level account completely changes a lot of my projections for the worse.

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Mine is 150 diamonds as well (PC)


They buffed mine to $499!


Can’t say I’m surprised with the recent trend towards pay to play.

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While I’m assuming that $499 is a bug (we had something similar in beta) it’s also worth remembering that prices are set by the publisher rather than the devs themselves, the devs can only provide guidelines.


Whereas I do find it extremely funny that someone is priced at $499 - lol - I cannot even seem to get an option for a daily deal… I beat the 3 bosses and still I am blocked… :confused:

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What’s more annoying is that the 4.99 dungeon pack on pc mobile is 150 gems on consoles? So pc players have to pay for it with cash where as console players don’t?