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[Feedback] Offers are absurd

I quite liked the idea of gem based offers and thought it would be a good addition but the pricing is in left field.

As an example:

Every Sunday there’s a dungeon offer - 50 gems for 400 shards, 80 diamonds, 2 gem keys, some souls, and a Celestial Stone

Today’s store offer - 200 gems for 2000 shards, 10 of each stone except diamonds

So in effect (converting shards to diamonds & stones to Celestials) we have 300% more diamonds, 900% more stones, 2 extra Gem Keys, and some souls… for one quarter the price of the new offer

I am not saying they always have to have an exactly equal value, it’s just an example of how out of whack the new offers are with the current values.


The new offers are aimed toward desperate players who have no knowledge of actual resource value.


I saw that one in particular and had to laugh. There are some that are reasonable to consider though, and at least one (20 event keys, 20 gem keys, 20 glory keys for 400/300 gems) that is good deal. So they’re at least moving in the right direction.

Those $50 legendary troop offers still make me roll my eyes though.

Well, it might be infrequent but there is always the chance someone is that many gems away from a mythic that will be rotating out of the forge soon and in that case I’d certainly rather drop gems than risk having to wait potentially months to see it again or pay actual cash. If I was 20 diamonds away from crafting something that would up my power level, fill out my collection, and be a playable troop 200 gems sounds like a really solid price when the other option is $5 and my bank account is weeping so loudly.