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Devs: Please stop offering me useless deals

I am really, really tired of the deals I am constantly being offered. Every day they are all the same. It goes to show that absolutely no programming has been put into the game to accommodate specific players. Here are my 3 Daily Offers for today:

And my first Daily Arena offer:

I DO NOT NEED Priest’s Chalice. At all. This is my Total Renown:


This is the LAST faction I have that isn’t at 2500 Renown:

I clearly DO NOT need Priest’s Chalice and I would never spend 100 gems on 4 Priest’s Chalice, 6000 gold, and 120 Chaos Shards. That is a bad deal to offer me. I would never take it, so why offer?

Next up is the ingots. 150 gems for 5 Legendary Ingots? 45 gems for 5 Epic Ingots? I have THOUSANDS of ingots and NOTHING to upgrade:

1 Medal of Orpheus and 2000 souls for 225 gems? Why?!


I don’t need souls! And medals? I have 131 troops at Gold, 14 at Silver, and 5 at Bronze, and I don’t need anymore medals that I can’t farm myself very easily…

Your offers do nothing for me except clutter my screen and annoy me. These are the “deals” I would actually buy:

  • Imperial Deed Offers
  • Deed of Stone (the only one I’m short of)
  • Pet Bounty (Haven’t seen one of these in months, buy I’m 1905 in Pet Mastery so maybe it doesn’t think I need any, but I have lots of pets still that aren’t at 20)
  • Medal of Anu/Nysha – come up with something, maybe I’ll buy it.
  • Vault keys that aren’t outrageously priced (120 gems for 1 vault key is insane)

That’s it. That’s all I would buy right now.


A guildmate received an offer for x10 Scale Guard + 700 souls for 27 gems. This was apparently to push Mist of Scales from 21 to 22. Haha. AI is crazy.

The daily offers feature could definitely use improvement.

At least a couple of times I was offered for 300 gems and declined:
1200 souls
30 diamonds
3000 jewel shards

Spending 300 gems after dungeon battles (Monday thru Saturday) I can get:
1500 souls
120 diamonds
2400 jewel shards
600 jewels
24 runic traitstones

So, does that daily offer fit the definition of a scam?

Only buy daily deals for deeds and possibly “legion booster” if you are short on keys. All others are a complete waste.

Legion Booster is a pretty terrible offer. You get 20 Gem Keys, 20 Event Keys, and 20 Glory Keys for I think 300 gems. Each Gem Key would normally cost 10 gems, so that’s 200 gems. Each Event Key costs 15 Gems, so that’s 300 Gems. And Glory Keys are 20 glory each, so that’s 400 Glory.

You’re spending 300 gems and getting 500 gems and 400 glory worth of keys. Sounds like a great deal, right? I mean, you’re essentially saving yourself 200 gems and 400 glory? Well, that IS a good deal if you already are in a position where you’re spending gems on Gem Keys and Event Keys. But I don’t know too many people who actually spend their gems on keys.

When I was just starting out, I spent my gems (and still do) on Events – Delve, Bounty, guild, class, etc. And for a new player, 300 gems is a lot, especially if they’re only getting 5-10 gems per tribute. Let’s say they collect 12 tributes a day (probably unrealistic for a new player, but for those of us who have addiction problems, it’s not far fetched at all…). That’s 60-120 tributes a day – we’ll say they get 90 gems per day on average.

That means they’re spending over 3 days worth of gems from tributes on keys. Now, I am in no way arguing that it isn’t better to get 500 gems worth of keys for only 300 gems, but I am saying that it’s pretty crazy to be spending 3 days worth of tributes on keys and especially 5 days worth (if you were to buy them without the daily offer).

I think the Legion Booster offer is basically aimed toward players who somehow have an excess of number of gems (perhaps they don’t invest them into events at all), and still need keys for mythics.

But for end-game players, 300 gems is much more important to me than keys:

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Pet offers at 50 each are the only pretty good ones (if you still need them, that is)


There is very specific programming that is generating the Daily Deal results you are seeing and the results are quite intentionally designed this way.

In no specific order:

  • Pet Bounties: Unless the pet in question is immediately blocking a kingdom star upgrade and is not a faction pet nor a cosmetic pet, players won’t receive these.

  • Medal of Anu: Very rare VIP-slot only offer.

  • Medal of Nysha: Never going to happen (not even badges or tokens) unless a future medal comes out that power creeps Nysha medals. It’s strictly a cash-only purchase. Devs have taken a very hard stance on this to date.

  • Vault Keys: Not going to be priced any lower, as long as 300 Gems, Orbs of Chaos (which can turn into Ascension orbs [700 Gems]) and Major Orbs of Chaos [even more valuable] can drop from the Vault. So, probably never.

  • Deeds: Colored deeds are rare, writs are very rare, and direct Imperials Deeds are ultra rare offers by design. These are intentionally very long-term pain points (possibly un-overcomable for the rest of the game’s life) and the devs know this.

So… what are Daily Deals then? In another form, they are the next-generation Orbs of Chaos. Got another jewel or priest chalice offer? Congrats, you got the Daily Deal equivalent of an Orb of Growth. Want good offers? The devs know this and all of them are a similar range to getting an Orb of Ascension from a Chaos Orb. Some offers, such as writs (which can be turned into Imperial Deeds) and Imperial Deeds would equate into an orb type that would be rarer than Ascension orb.

And guess what? The “incentive” for daily arena farming introduced in 5.2 is for players to obtain up to three more Daily Deal Chaos Orbs in the hopes that they morph into a rare useful offer and not useless trash offers.

As usual, I’ll disclaim my post as personal opinion. But, I’m pretty darn sure that the the daily deal system (+ Arena daily “extra” rolls) are working exactly as intended and as designed.

And yes, the devs DO expect players to be chasing and then cracking open Daily Deal Chaos Orbs, probably for the rest of the game’s lifespan.


Is there a bug with a 21 Star Kingdom - got it maxed out and first time i got a unit offer for a unit which is allready myth / Level 20 :face_with_monocle:

It happened to me today too:

and 22 power level is not achievable yet!

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What objectives have you guys completed towards lv 22?

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Just need the 31th Skill (out of 30 units), so not obtainable.
Same situation in other kingdoms but never got a unit offer for a Level 20 unit.

I like the daily deals :man_shrugging:

I don’t buy every one, but if I did I’d be out of gems :thinking:

But if you already have everything, then there is nothing to offer. Writs and deeds aren’t meant to flood the daily deals, even if you need nothing else.



  • You’ve Bronze Elite Medalled 5 Troops from the Kingdom (before the offer appeared)
  • You have both Mythics from the Kingdom (Eury, Mamba)
  • The only uncompleted Task is to Unlock all 3 Traits on 31 Troops, which is currently unachievable
  • You still got an offer for Troops from that Kingdom

Is that all correct?

Your screenshot should look like this, but with the bottom Task completed:

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