Will Guild Wars be going ahead as planned next week?

just as title asks? @Jeto @Kafka

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My theory is they posted the next guild wars week because they are planning on cancelling this upcoming weeks.

Never have two guild wars events been on the home screen prior to this week.

the other guild wars has been removedasn the one in 4 days is still there

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It should never have been delayed. Its the reason why many folks actually play. The response was from kafka that feedback had been relayed but no decision was broadcast. Wars still got curtailed without explanation and i for one dont know why. World events and politics are currently appalling but gaming has no place in such a dilemma in terms of censorship. Its the censorship that keeps this genocide active


Possibly because quite a few Guild Wars guilds suddenly found themselves with several inactive members? And would either have had to kick those members they were still hoping would reappear or face dropping several brackets?

There was overwhelming support to have it delayed, even by those that play GW. And Infinity Plus Two actually listened and found a way to do it. Can’t find any fault there, quite the contrary.

Which is why we had a whole week of St. Patrick’s Day, it keeps world events and politics out of gaming.


Then how long do we delay it? Until Russian players have their gaming platforms reconnected to MS services? Until Ukrainians have electricity? The situation in Europe is horrific and gaming is the least of concerns for those directly involved. Those currently unable to participate stretches beyond wars to all other guild events and players may be removed from guilds as this nightmare continues. I am not sure how you reach the conclusion that there was overwhelming support for the suspension of wars from such a paltry sample size but either way there was no formal announcement from the company PR explaining their decision and its duration. My view is that gaming is a release from real life and should remain so. Postponing wars wont help the refugees or those engaged in combat. If losing a bracket or 2 because of reduced members is the reason for the suspension then its a very weak reason indeed. This could go on for a long time if Putins aspirations extend further into Europe and for some, who only still play because of wars, the wait will end their desire to play.

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My crystal ball says it was a once-only delay. I’m not sure how much it can be trusted, it seems to have a somewhat cynical configuration.

By listening carefully. If a like counter goes “Ding… Ding. . . D…i…n…g” it’s a standard community request, if a like counter goes “DingDingDingDingDingDingDing” it’s something that happens once every couple of years only.

There was, it’s right here: St. Patrick's Day Week Long Vault Event!. It explains a lot more than you might think it is explaining.

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By listening to what? The forum poll which in no way represents the community as a whole? There is no way you can claim such a poll is representative because in general, those who engage in forums like this, and associated polls are usually end gamers who cannot speak for the majority. As far as the St Patrick vault extension, this was never directly announced as a response or course of action to the poll or posts pertaining to the original suspension request. Whilst it is plausible to infer that that was the reason, it was never directly stated to be so. As you pointed out, the suspension has already exceeded what was expected so again, how can one assume or predict the masterplan without direct affirmation? I have no issue that the initial suspension occurred apart from the radio silence that is all too familiar. Next wars claims to be in 2 days but that could change. I am not trying to play down a horrific situation, but I am asking what is going on and what the devs are proposing to do for the duration of this conflict.

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