St. Patrick's Day Week Long Vault Event!

Hello Adventurers!

Brace yourselves, we’ve received word that the Gnomes are planning an extra festive holiday for St. Patrick’s day next week!

There will be a week long Vault event starting from weekly reset on Monday 7am GMT. To make room for this event Guild Wars has been rescheduled to start in the week of March 28.

Help us get these troublemakers under control!


Lol but yeah thank you!

Is this the real reason Guild Wars has been rescheduled? :thinking:

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A whole week of Monday severs :rofl:


Thanks IP2… Honestly did not expect a week long Vault to happen. Maybe I’ll actually do some GAPs now, outside of research reasons.

Cmon dude, they are trying to be light hearted.


Will it be available on NS platform? Thanks

Of course not but they don’t want this to go the way of the other post asking for GW to be postponed.

Either way a real nice surprise and a really nice thing to do for the community. Too bad it starts the day before GTA for next gen comes out.


Great! Thank you very much for this decision.

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Thanks for this! :blush:


this is the 6.2 update I didn’t know I wanted

Thanks for the week-long vault event. I hope it is not because you are very confident of your numbers.

So, E1 for vault keys or E12 for more chances at new mythic?

Unexpected, in a good way. Well played, and thank you.

or a mix of the two?

Thanks… however, it would have been more of a priority to FIX your lagfest servers first???

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Does this apply to all platforms just to clarify

you win the internet to day HAHA

why not both… use a phonicia build for mid level… change to an E12 team if you get a mimic


The only issue with this is the potential lag increase that may occur and its impact in particular on players going for full faction on tuesday. However, it may be that the lag issue has already been kinda fixed. The constant games ‘!’ indicating that soulforge is upgradeable whether you have the resources or not remains active until the forge is fully upgraded. Having it flagged this way should mean that the checks for upgrades which appear to be the cause of lags since the soulforge upgrade, are no longer being made. The software has been forced to assume upgradeability is always active and ignores actual resources. This might be the band aid that reduces the lag. Time will tell.

Wow that will be fun! A whole week of increased gnome spawn rates!