Bounty weekend swapped for Vault weekend

Hi adventurers,

We’ve had a schedule change we wanted to let you know about.

This week’s planned Bounty event has been moved to next weekend while we work out a visual issue with the new Bounty troop on Android and iOS.

This weekend will be the Vault weekend instead.

The Vault weekend has been added to the ingame news and will be posted to our facebook and twitter pages tomorrow as well.

Have a great weekend everyone! Let those Gnomes have it!


That’s the second time you ruined my weekend plans. Not amused!


I was just coming back to see if anyone was upset about this like i experienced in game.

Yep, can’t do anything without someone being upset about it lol


Why Vault, why not Arena?!
This week is Guild Wars week, it’s time-consuming enough :sob:

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Awesome news.

I can get me seels ready for next weeks mythic. Cheers guys.

Me likeyyyyy.

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Guild wars takes 10 minutes for all 5 battles your funny.


Blame the guy who complained about troop art not showing up on android.

As in xbox its perfect no issues.

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the most lamest excuse i’ve ever heard so far tho


Not if you play competitively in higher brackets.

I’m not complaining about vault but I understand why it’s not ideal for many, especially on short notice like this.


Sorry i only score 50k plus every gws.
But bracket 7 is low your right.

I just dont have an ocd and test all opposing teams using my pvp defence team.

Like i said 10 minutes, im only level 1458 tho.
So still a newbie .

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No need to get all defensive. :joy:

I don’t care how you play your GWs, and I didn’t say you were bad at it or anything of the sorts. Must be your subconscious telling you something if you read all that into my one sentence.

I was just saying that for some it takes way longer, especially if they test run teams, stream, help their guild mates etc

Good for you if you only take 10 minutes and still score fine. Congrats. It’s just not a universal experience and way to play GWs, and you kind of attacked another forum member for saying that GWs is time consuming for them.


Wow – I really don’t like the last minute switch, but I can’t and won’t complain about it, because my MAIN complaint about this game is that I feel there is a total lack of play testing to any new code before it is released. Here they actually did at least a little and found that the new troop could (did) cause a problem on android, so instead of just ignoring it, they decided to do something to fix it before releasing the code. Good work DEV’s. I REALLY hope this is a new trend!!!


Its pretty ridiculous that people spend so much time doing GW that there isn’t time to do anything else. This is what i meant on another post when i said people have a lack of priority.

For once their correcting an issue BEFORE its release and still people are unhappy. Im really confused by what’s expected here. Fix the issue and maybe move things around or don’t fix the issue and get little to no response. Maybe you can clarify what the expectation is?


Expectations would be put arena this weekend and keep vault unchanged. Then do bounty next time arena is up.


One can skip farming gnomes just as easily. Both are single player, non guild events


Bad news for me. I had everything planned for next weekend (including not working on friday) and now…


What should I type?


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Can never make everyone happy I suppose :sweat_smile:

Regardless of your opinions on the change though, can we all take a moment to appreciate that this was:

  • Communicated in advance
  • Given an explanation for
  • Done to prevent a known bug
  • Announced both on the forums and in-game, plus on socials

I personally don’t take long on GW and am happy to have a vault event rather than something like Arena. I get that others have different opinions on that, but let’s give recognition where it’s due for steps in the right direction for communication.

Thanks @Kafka and team!


Vault needs special attention, so the surprise caught many off guard. Yup, ya can’t make everyone happy. This will always be the case. I’m half and half about it, but what can I do? Make gnome juice out of lemons. :sweat_smile:


No your wrong.

Another member said gws takes a long time.
But fidnt say just fir them, so was in essence talking about everyone.

It doesnt in my experience.

I have noticed on the forum tho.
People complain, devs change things
People complain lmfao.

Kingdom pass to long now to short.
Everyone on this forum, seems to think they speak for the entire playerbase.

Theres i reckon 40k players constantly, but msybe 50 people on here.

Anyway only been playing 2 years, like i said im over lvl 1400
Every class at 100, only 70 weapons ti get i was smart used firge for weapons not mythics.
24 mythics to get.

Loved old kingdom pass, new is fine to.
Loved old campaign, i rerolled everything, new is fine to.
Love pvp, love journey , love legends reborn.
I do arena 3 times a day , extra offers.
Hate the weekend arena, but nit going to cry to change it.

So devs, youve made possibly the greatest, ftp game ever made.
Iv put more hours into this again, than any other apart from football manager and diablo.

The mix of rpg and gems, plus the way you can grind everything is perfect.
For instance, if you bought the cheap campaign and cheap kingdom pass.
Together thats 8 brown books.
So im not even gonna complaign about books.

So thankyou. I will just say one thing, dont listen to the MINORITY on here.
As thats whats made society as bad as it is today. Listen to MAJORITY its how you earn money.

So thankyou , keep up the great work, and gimme that vault event , only 6 doomed weapons left to forge come on.

Ps learn psychology anyone saying there gonna leave, they dont. Leavers leave without the big spectacle. I love reading people saying there gonna leave if you do somthing.
My Masters in Psychology tells me otherwise, and is always right.