Postpone Bounty Event

As it stands, were getting a Bounty and Vault Event this weekend. The way I see it, we’ve hit a wall, something’s gotta give. The only sensible solution is postponing the Bounty Event for another day, since I imagine the majority of us are gonna be plugging away at Explore battles and PVP and the Bounty will remain mostly untouched.


You are aware, that, if there is any reaction to this suggestion at all, it will be to remove the Vault event…?
After all, it was always planned to have a bounty event in this spot, while the vault is “extra”, additional to the one that would have been next week, but had to be removed to avoid having two vault events in a row.


Agreed. There are too many cascading effects from changes already made to the schedule. The way the content releases are pre-planned out, it seems incredibly rigid and without flexibility. The only flexibility that really exists is plugging in Arena as a an event the devs don’t have to do any work on or new content to release, which in turn everyone complains about.

So, I think we’re just going to have to deal with Bounty and Vault Event overlapping. At least it isn’t messing with a shared guild event so individuals can choose whether or not they want to focus on Bounty or not without hurting their guild.

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do what I do. Buy the troop and use orbs to max it and skip bounty. Boring event.


they could just move bounty next week. less people will feel as bothered by bounty + arena


all that is going to happen is, people are going to buy the bounty troop then play explore and palooza. bounty will be ignored.