A week long vault event. Instead of Gws

No compensation will be enough for time and resources lost.
The Devs would be guessing anyway.
And even 500 gems would be an insult.

Postpone Gws and give a free week vault event.


Agree with this.

Especially because next week has Legends Reborn + Kingdom Pass + World Event + Bounty + GW :tired_face:


100% agree with this.


There are far too many events going on next week as Graeme listed. 100% aggree with Gangrel.
Somethings got to give.


i agree Vault event will be good instead of guild wars


Absolutely agree with this idea. GW should be postponed until the things are fixed.


Especially with the formerly banned players being at a disadvantage because they lost their campaign stars, I approve.

If they don’t want to do that for some reason, a week long vault event the week after or thereafter would also be fine.

After ruining the Christmas gems plans of so many people, that would restore some goodwill at least.


doubtful, because when did they ever care about that?

but isn’t it enough already that they slowly unban people after the wrongfully banned players have to beg for it first?
and at some point they’ll probably even post a minor footnote, something like “We’re so, so, sooooooo vewwy vewwy sowwy.”
:surfing_man: :clown_face:
they deserve a break!


i’m voting for a lifetime break for them :joy:


I agree as well.

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I agree, it seems there is very little given back to those who got an unfair shake from the game. I understand it is hard for the devs to keep up, but it seems things are often relased too early

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This sounds good but I have to admit the damage has been done. We’re talking about people who’ve put time and money into the game. I agree.

A game like this takes that from you. Those who’ve quit the game wouldn’t get to enjoy this or any kind of compensation right?

Again this sounds good but will this actually happen? I would like to see it.


Yes, please i needs me precious Vault in order to get those shiny new orbs. asap. :pray:


vault even is nice, but the actual people that were banned needs their own compensation…


Yup, u cannot compensate the youtuber who puts out multiple videos per day who also put a lot of real money into buying 5x krinkle golden bags or whatever they are called.

That youtuber lost out on doing videos for 2 or 3 days, he lost viewers and revenue from being unfailry banned.

Just how could that be compensated? It cant…

If this had happened to me i would have deleted the game along with the 8 years ive been playing.

When will the devs learn to do some simple testing when they release stuff, its the same thing over and over with bugs that could have been found by testing…


The fact that you’re still playing allows the developers to get away with this stuff. They might lose a YouTube guy but they sure as hell ain’t losing you.


Having withdrawal symptoms



(10 characters leave me alone, now back to laughing)


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100% agree with this.

I’m not sure, if a seven day vault event would be a good thing. Guild wars are frustrating, but short. Vaults are rewarding, but push players towards marathon runs and burn them out. Sounds like curing back pain by breaking a toe.

There has to be something outside the hamster wheel to make up for this mess…

[Edit:] I know, it may sound like a worthless insult to some, but maybe an exclusive custom title, avatar and cosmetic pet for everyone who was hit would be the best pick in the long run.