Vault event, tarans world spoilers

i have just checked tarans world and indeed the files now reflect a vault event on the weekend. However with recent history we know that this event is not going to happen. there is also one the following week, all jokes aside this will be canceled. UNLESS we have the extra one and the scheduled one on weeks consecutive. this is next to impossible to happen though.

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Kafka said something about that 5 days ago in information about bans.

I was hoping for some official news early since this is the week for it. :man_shrugging:

If it’s supposed to be even remotely “extra” (ignoring the fact we’re long due for one and that the vault event in January was canceled), there would have to be two in a row.

Hope we’ll get an official statement soon.

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We had one scheduled for Feb 17 and Kafka made a post saying we’re getting our extra one on the weekend of the 11th. So that would be 2 in a row. Unless I’m misunderstanding the situation?

it looks that way. this would be a great move but then what happens to that bounty event?

Runs at the same time.

I really hope we do get 2 in a row, but most likely it will be a dejavu and next weeks vault will be canceled, we get a little frustrated about that. Then they claim there never was one scheduled for next week, don’t believe what you read from Tarans Blaablaa and they forget to remove the vault offers from that week…

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A not-too-wild guess: The way to “fix” the problem, that gnomes canceled the tenth battlecrasher of a day was to never have those two run side by side again. Would certainly explain the weird scheduling.

Also, I am seemingly still the lone voice, who does not see gnome weekends as a good thing, with the way they encourage extremely unhealthy gaming style (and effectively punish those, who try to keep their normal play amounts and habits instead of running 12-16 hours of explore 1 for three days).


this is my thinking exactly… with that comment last time is seems like they are trying to discredit TW.

however if it is two back to back. then people are going to be STOCKED!!

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Back to back Vault events would be a very clear demonstration that one is extra.


Yeah, but still a vault weekend in January got cancel’d without explanation. So even if we now get two weekends vault event in a row we’re still missing the cancel’d one, because we got one “extra” promised because of constant dev-botting…
and as we’ve learned, such “taransworld spoilers” mean nothing if devs decide to undo it in the blink of an eye. I’m not convinced “next weeks” vault event will even take place. I believe it when it happened the full duration. and just for anyone interested, a few hours before the weekly reset roughly 12h ago now there was still no sign of this weekends vault event through the taransworld website.
if someone decides changes it can all go very quickly, it seems. :wink:


Seems strange that theyd drop a extra vault this weekend even though they promised us one…
I was under the impression theyd drop the new update this weekend that they stated in the road map for this year, for traps and treasures showing the bounty icon… i guess we will have to wait and see… :slight_smile:


Could’ve done this; everyone would be happy; but no.


They only care about themselves.

we won’t have. they don’t care about the players

Kingdom pass starts feb 20th so battle crashers.
So no vault event for over a month.

The only way we was getting 2 was if they was in a row.

11th and 17th.

Kafka you are lying, im calling you out that your lying.
And we wont get another vault event after the 10th feb till after kingdom pass has finished.

So im calling you a liar. Prove your not.

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