Gnome Event [This Weekend]?

Saw in the in game events tab that there are 2 days of a Gnome Event.

Just wondering if this is true? I don’t recall seeing anything on here about it.

Yes, it’s true.

Historically: people have complained that the in-game news doesn’t announce Vault events in advance. You have to check other web sites to find out when one is coming. For whatever reason, this is how the devs want it.

Recently: There was some drama about this particular Vault event because they are typically Friday → Sunday, but this one was scheduled for Saturday → Sunday. It was confirmed as a mistake and rescheduled.

My problem is since the event isn’t announced in advance, we have to rely on people to sniff the game’s API and pore over the game data to catch mistakes like this. If, on Monday, a news item announcing a Vault event from Saturday to Sunday had been made, everyone would’ve seen it right away.


Ah okay, thank you! :slight_smile:

I wish there was a bit more consistent clarity too.

Is that why there are no Gnomes to be found anywhere today? Nobody told them?

I wouldn’t worry to much about the gnomes Hougan, for the past three gnome events I only ran into one to two gnomes total the whole event each time :confused:

For real though, something is changed! I completed the kill red units thing, I got to 300 and found 2! What the hell… did they lowered the chance or something? It’s ridiculous. Whats the point in the " event" if pretty much I have the same encounter chance with them?

I also found way more gnomes in the last event.

My first hour was disappointing aswell but then they started come at regular pace, got 15/16 vault keys so far.
That lead to a question, do vault event affect drop you get from vaults? or i can go on with the explore spam and do vaults next week (or whenever i feel to)?

Ps: ps4 here.
Pps:yes, i spammed a lot (traited lot of troops, took kingdoms to 5 starand right now fully traiting a Beholder’s team), got 1900 points on weekly event lol.

The devs surelly lowered them, last event I got 4 in 2 hours and on 2 I got keys that gave me chaos orb so yeah no way it’s the same chance!

It certainly feels like the encounter rate has dropped quite a bit.
That could just be the RNG giving us really crappy odds of course and we’ve been unlucky.
But… y’know…

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Are you 2 on ps4 too?

Cuz since i posted got 3 or 4 more keys here.

I’m on android/pc so that’s why. Around 20 more PvP fights and 60 more explores still nothing. Useless to waste time this week as far as I’m concerned, something’s wrong.

Yeah, I’m on PS4