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Nerfzilla Strikes Again

Quit ruining the things we enjoy about GoW. If you aren’t making enough money. Do a kick starter, we will back you. Just end the ridiculous nerfs. That is all.
(Vault weekends reduced from 3 days to 2)

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Taransworld.com shows the event running from Saturday to Monday.
Not sure if this data will prove to be correct though…

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Why though? Why would Vault Event be the only weekend event to begin on Saturday and end Monday?

It seems odd, none of the other events work that way, unless all events have been changed to now run on a Saturday-Monday schedule… But if so, why wasn’t that in the 4.0 patch notes?

These are mostly rhetorical questions, I don’t expect you, or anyone, knows why things have been changed.

Apologies for posting a link to a spoiler site in a non-spoiler thread btw :zipper_mouth_face:


It can be:

  • an error with this Vault Event
  • now all week-end events will take place from Saturday to Monday so they can add a weekly friday event

Else yeah it would strange that only Vault Event has this kind of schedule…

It’s in the news. No longer a spoiler in my opinion.

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The vault event will be running this weekend, yay!~

We are re-scheduling it now so it runs as it is supposed too, Friday through Monday. (Which is Thursday through Sunday for you lovely Americans.)


pops in

Pay to event

walks off

I would’ve put a lot into a Kickstart campaign months ago. They’ve blown it now.

Thanks for the clarification on this :slight_smile:

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Pay to… wait what?

Congrats! You done got something right! <3 Much love. Best game ever.

So given the premise that you brought up, would you back a Kickstarter to have Valut weekends every single day of the year?

Wow. Yeah, that’s why it’d be nice to have an actual tracker to show ahead of time when the Vault Event was starting. Wasn’t expecting a last minute change to start on Friday when Im dead tired right now.

We don’t plan to add a tracker at this point in time. I’m sorry for the mix up and confusion, when we realised we set out to fix it straight away. :slight_smile:

No, it is not Thursday through Sunday for Americans (Hawaii and Alaska excepted)
It starts 3:00 am Friday and ends 3:00 am Monday US NYC time. You are 14 hours ahead of NYC, not behind.


OMG I’ve been saying for weeks it’s weird to be scheduled Sat-Mon (2 days) Everyone kept telling me that’s 3 days lol I thought I was going crazy or something. Fri-Mon = 3 days.

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The confusion is due if either the last day is included or not.

About Taran spoilers, it’s included. So the spoiler said that it was going to be Saturday-Sunday-Monday which seems to be an error.

But as for nerfing vault events nobody worried about soul gnome? If he pops up 1/3 of the time then that means 1/3 less gems/gem keys/event keys etc. than we would get prior to 4.0. Instead we get souls.

And that’s assuming his VK droprate is the same as treasure gnome during events. If it’s lower than that’s an even BIGGER nerf than 1/3 less treasure gnomes.

@UKresistance well excuse me for living in the southern hemisphere. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am outraged and demand a stream on Monday to make up for whatever it is I’m outraged about.


Another stream? I’m sorry I just don’t have the time. D8