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Nerfzilla Strikes Again

Ahhh I meant it to mean “the normal stream” for heavy sarcasm, I think it happens on your Tuesday. But it’s like, 8:30 PM my Monday.

Just assume “heavy sarcasm” if I ever use the word “demand”. If I really think you owe me something I do that with support tickets haha.


My goodness get some rest they will still be here when you wake. It’s 72 hour event.

Being I’m from the States, I knew this. I looked at her comment and went “Uhh… That’s not right.” I was going to say something, but then I was like “Timezones are hard. I knew what Salty meant. Most people probably do too.” Haha.

But, thanks for clearing that up, @UKresistance for those that didn’t know.