Vault event schedule

TL;DR: Please can we have regular Vault events?

So… vault events. What kind of schedule should we expect them on? I’d like to complain :sweat_smile:

I went and looked over events last year. In 2022, the longest time between vault events was 7 weeks - 4 weeks, 7, 4, 6, 7, 5, 7, 6; for a total of 8 weekend vault events (+1 week-long vault event), let’s average it to ~6 weeks between events.

This weekend marks 7 weeks since the last vault event and there’s no vault event to see on the schedule for this Friday, which means an uncool > 7 weeks since last vault event.

If we add to that this:

The earliest possible date devs might have had in mind was in February, meaning 9 weeks after the last vault event (Dec 2nd last year). But more likely 10 weeks minimum, since 1st weekend of February is currently looking like a faction weekend.

Devs, is there anything you can say about vault schedule? I’m specifically not asking about the “compensation vault event” or whatever you want to call it, just regular vault events. The concern here being that they no longer seem to be “regular” and may be being phased out :disappointed:

I’d happily take a “we aim to have a vault event every X weeks” as response.


Good luck getting any kind of statement about this.

I’d like to know myself but they’re giving us the silent treatment since we’ve called them out on the vault event that had “never been scheduled for January 13th”.


Great topic.

Is @Kafka alright?

You will never get a straight answer for this, just keep walking.

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I’ll keep walking but I’ll stop paying. Is that allright?

There’s no way they don’t have 2023 scheduled out. They know when the Vault event are going to happen, but likely the answer isn’t fit for public release.


Vault weekend 17th feb so much for extra event im done with these liars time to quit was a good game with loads of friends but money money money thats all they care about…not getting anymore of mine bye everyone


Stay and play but make them work for free.

I’m going to assume this is an upcoming regularly scheduled Vault event, which would make it 11 weeks between vault events :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Devs? More than 2 months between events? How come? Tell me this was a one time thing because of scheduling conflicts or something, because the thought of less than 6 events per year is quite discouraging.

Yes, I realize they probably won’t comment. But you can’t get an answer if you don’t ask and I wanted to give them a chance to comment on this outside of the :fire: :poop: that is the ban compensation thread :slight_smile:


But this one is the “extra” so I think without the ban wave, we would not have that vault event.

Unless our suspicions were true that this was the scheduled one and they’re pretending that it’s extra. So in reality, we don’t get anything extra. There’s no way for us to know unless we found out when the next one after feb 17 is gonna be.


Or if we’ll later be told that the Feb. 17 doesn’t exist because we shouldn’t rely on 3rd party spoilers /s


Im sure taran hasnt hacked the devs.
So that means a dev leaks the info.

If they dont want us to follow it, keep it hidden.

i said exactly this to my GF.

change the vault then give us a vault as compensation so they seem like the good guys

Taran’s site gets the data straight from the code afaik


I’m not interested in the “compensation” event in this question, I’m just asking about the regular weekend vault events. Basically, are there still regular vault events? And how “regular” will they be.

Any currently scheduled events (there’s one for Feb 17) I’m not taking as final. I am only considering past data here and the official statement that no Vault event was planned for January, so the earliest possible date for the next event is 9 weeks since the last one (1st weekend of February), which is still much later than what we could expect in the past.


where did you get feb 17 from?

Here: GoW Weekly Events

Again, to be clear, these are events as they’re currently showing in game data, they should not be taken as final and are subject to change at any time until the event is officially announced in game :slight_smile:
Changes in that schedule reveal some behind-the-scenes stuff, but it’s not something devs will officially comment on.

oh! when did that update. there was only like 10 lines thismoning when i checked it.

thank you :slight_smile:

Giving this a bump since I saw @Kafka is around again.

Still hoping to hear about the plans for regular vault events in terms of expected schedules :slight_smile:


There seems to be a vault event in February. Unfortunately I’ll have to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday that weekend, 10+ hours each day. So I’ll not be able to play more than 30 minutes a day for every task, including vault battles.

If there had been scheduled a vault event in January, let’s say from 13th - 15th, I would have been at home completely, being able to grind 10+ hours daily. :thinking:

That way I could have earned some of the resources which I missed during my ban on Xmas, which was around 72 hours. Now it’s just a loss-loss situation on my side. :cry: