Information about bans

So very true. But how much do they spend in the game?

Because there’s pissing off casual players and there’s pissing off your whales.


I noticed I got 50 gems today and I pretty much just rushed here into this forum just to watch all the meltdowns that would happen. If the devs are reading this please don’t give anyone anything anymore because 1) it’s hilarious and 2) as soon as the next event arrives the same exact people that are here crying over what happened are gonna jump all over it and play it like their lives depended on it anyway.

Then maybe you can throw in another little bug just for some s**** and giggles.


I thought the same reading this thread, its amazing how greedy and entitled people start acting here as soon as theres something “for free”.

Another question I had while reading this: Why is everyone so hot for Dragonite? I read multiple people saying that at least 500 Dragonite would be acceptable and should be the least, but why? The dragon eggs still give duplicates even after 4x with no fix in sight (as far as I know) and Dungeon odds are still horribly stacked against the players.

@Kafka you are doing a real good job here still managing everything and I hope you’re not letting the hate get to you.


There wasn’t going to be a Vault event in January.

Now there is, so yes, this is an extra Vault Event.

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This feels like gaslighting.

There was going to be a Vault event this weekend until it was changed to Arena. And yes, the schedules change, I get it, but: we did expect there to be a Vault event in January, both from the schedule itself and by the interval since the previous one.

Except that “once the Kingdom Pass has finished” is early February. Not January. And by that time we’ll be a month overdue for a Vault event anyway. So again I ask: how is this extra?


If you’ve gone and pulled unannounced information from unfinalised game data you’re basically asking me to address something that isn’t going to happen, it may as well not exist.

I could write anything in the schedule and it won’t mean anything until we announce it as finished. I could write absolutely ridiculous stuff in there and it would mean nothing.

It’s exactly like complaining unannounced Troops aren’t balanced or they’re using the same Troop art as an existing Troop - because they’re not finished or announced.

There was not going to be a Vault event in january at all, now there is going to be one between now and when the next one IS actually scheduled so it is an extra Vault event.

If you’re someone who goes looking for unfinished spoilers you need to take it with a grain of salt because nothing you find in the unannounced game data is set in stone until we announce it is. So it’s a bit weird to complain about it.

Of course, if you want to complain about the compensation or about the fact that there was such a long time planned between Vault events, THAT makes sense. But complaining about something that literally wasn’t going to happen because you pulled a Work In Progress event schedule that wasn’t completed or announced anywhere doesn’t make any sense.

I can’t work with feedback about something that we never mentioned, promised or displayed in game at all.


Hi kafka, so by reading between the lines, I get the idea that you also “think” now that the gap between vault events has been stretched. I remember there used to be roughly one vault event per month but now it seems it’s becoming longer and longer. Was this intentional?


Fine. Why was there such a long time planned between Vault events?


So, what date will the vault event be?


But player compensation apparently works this way, since due to not having a fixed Vault Schedule, all we are getting here is “trust me, this one is extra”…
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I’m not getting this whole outrage about the vault event. Was it ever set in stone ie. they said we will always have a vault event once a month or are you guys just making this up out of nowhere? I gotta be honest I don’t recall they have ever outright came out and said we will definitely have a vault event once every month.

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Another way to interpret it (‘outrage’) would be,

“Hey, there hasn’t been a vault event for a quite a while. What’s going on? It makes me sad it’s been so long. We liked those. Please keep them happening at the same frequency they’ve been happening for the past year or so, if at all possible. If you could let us know that’s not going to be possible, and that you’re sad about it too, that would be nice and I’d consider it to be great communication! Thanks for hearing me out.”


/also, when will the following one be?

It kind of doesn’t count as extra if the next one is at the same regular interval (5-7 weeks, ty icy) that’s happened previously and has been expected.


If the next one IS (/was) planned at what would be the regular expected interval between it and the extra, that’s an even longer period (15+ weeks) between planned Vault events (previous one in Dec), which definitely raises a “what gives?” / “no pls don’t” question.

Kingdom Pass finishes end of Sun 5th Feb (?),
25 days from now, meaning compensation Vault Event would likely be Fri 10th – Sun 12th Feb.

Previous Vault Event was Fri 2nd – Sun 4th Dec (ty icy) (10 weeks prior):

To satisfy player expectations with regards to ‘extra’ – which based on 6-12 months of previous events shouldn’t really be regarded as unreasonable – the Vault event following the compensatory one needs to be:

a) Fri 17th – Sun 19th Feb at the earliest, a gap of 11 weeks between planned Vault events. As others have noted, this is longer than usual – so Q#1 per Maisie, why? (My guess is being afraid of mucking up Kingdom Pass battlecrashers)

b) Fri 10th – Sun 12th Mar at the latest, 4 weeks after the extra, a gap of 14 weeks between planned Vault events (an even stronger “why?”). As mentioned, if later at 5+ weeks, hard to convince it’s not just regularly scheduled – and tbh the fewer weeks between, the more convincing it will be.

c) never / no future Vault events planned / be thankful we haven’t banned you all


Okay. Different question then.

Why do you punish us with running an Arena “event” again?

I think we’ve suffered enough with the whole Krinklemess and lack of adequate compensation.

Arena weekend is terrible. And we just had one.

Buff the event or drop it but don’t use it as a stop-gap (no pun intended).


It beats me why there’s such foot-dragging reluctance to make a crowd-pleasing compensatory gesture here.


Look… I know that the level of frustration will continue to rise but I feel y’all beating a dead horse.

The fact that Kafka comes here to give information is some kind of relief (I guess) but this is how most video game companies are folks.

Why expect anything different at the end of the day? When they have something, they have something and if they don’t, don’t beat the dead horse.

I agree how some feel that the “stop playing the game is the best answer to this mess,” but I’ll quit on my terms.

I disagree how some feel we’re basically ungrateful for getting these “I’m sorry gems,” to later complain about it as if we’re entitled more, yes we’re entitled more because we lost more, hello, wake up or go to sleep if ya can’t see the problem instead of adding peanuts and not cents. (I’m done with that pathetic gems distribution, rant)

Like I said this is getting to the point of beating a dead horse, but feeling frustrated with something you feel passionate about would bother you… I guess… anyway…



You do understand that this is exactly what 99% of those complaints are about? Not about a specific date or something, not about something we have seen on third-party sites. It really isn’t about that.

The last Vault was on 2 December. 13 January marks 6 weeks interval. As we have six weekend events (FA, Arena, Vault, Raid Boss, Invasion, Bounty), it’s a very reasonable expectation that we will get a Vault event at around every 5-6-7 weeks - which means 13 or 20 January. It is VERY reasonable of us to expect that, because as someone pointed out up there in the thread, the 5-6-7 weeks has been the normal interval between Vault weekends for a long, long time. This is what you (meaning the persons responsible for scheduling in the game) taught us to expect! Don’t feel surprised that we are angry, frustrated and dissatisfied that you are talking about “extra” Vault event, when we haven’t even had the normal one within the usual time frame! It’s really not about looking at an unfinished schedule, unfinished troops or anything like that.

So: yes, extending intervals between Vault weekends, when it’s one of the few events (if not the only one…) that allow new players to catch up even a little with those playing much, much longer, is a BIG problem.


Please provide us the date of the one that “is actually scheduled” since it’s now scheduled.


Seriously you don’t cease to amaze with excuses.
I really would like to find some common ground, understand things out of your persepctives, but tbh, many things mentioned - not only regarding above “answer” - seem shady.

Please realise that my above list that clearly shows the development of weeks in between vault events is getting longer and longer (I mean the weeks within it takes, not the actual list getting longer - just to be completely clear for any dullard) and if not directly (enough!.. for you or the other mentioned accounts) it basically asks about:
“why that may be the case”?
…when we had years long of nearly the same duration of time between vault events? The first spike was clearly around a year ago. And if that “once in the gamefiles vault event” really never was planned in any way giggles intensify should we assume that a even longer stretched time period between vault events awaits us in the future? Or is it just an “anomaly”? Hard to believe, but I guess, the players have to, until (another) possible untruthfulness can be proven. Or maybe it all works out and actual communication improves - who knows. Endless possibilities. Yes. #prettify

Another question that pops up, why was it possible to change the “xmas event” even though it being scheduled, announced and all the other fancy words you 've thrown out? Wasn’t it “promised” and “displayed” ingame already?


This isn’t about “unannounced information from unfinalised game data”, this is about the current, in-game event popup saying “Arena Event” when it should be saying “Vault Event”.

Weekend events have a very fixed cycle in Gems of War. There’s Invasion, Raid Boss, Bounty, Arena, Faction and Vault, and while some might change place within a cycle, there’s never been one left out the past years. So when the most popular one, Vault, suddenly goes missing, it shouldn’t be the least surprising for the Community Manager Team that people are ASKING what is going on.

It feels more than just a bit weird that very valid questions get treated as COMPLAINT and hand waved away, in a very unprofessional way.


It wasn’t feedback, it was questions. Feedback is something that disappears in some black hole, never to be heard of again. Questions are something that involves communication in both directions.

I take it there ALSO isn’t going to be a regular vault event in February AS WELL, because then we’d have a “compensation” and a regular one back to back. And since there won’t have been a regular vault event in three months by then, there’s little reason to believe it will ever return to the event cycle, ESPECIALLY considering how questions that touch this topic get treated. Was there going to be an announcement about THAT, or is this also considered “unannounced information from unfinalised game data” players are expected to hopefully catch on to later than sooner?

For the feedback part, please consider returning vault events to the event cycle. Tarot cards are already heavily paygated, without a way to farm vault keys this is another $1000 paywall.