Information about bans

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, there was a bug causing players to be banned.

We had a couple of developers, Nimhain (Producer, Head of CX) and Sirrian (Creative Director) working on the issue and resolving this for as many players as possible on Christmas day and Boxing Day.

This bug was fixed on Boxing Day (26th Dec), and all affected players should now be unbanned.
One part of the fix involved turning off Kris Kringle’s Treasure Map awarding ability temporarily so you will notice that.

We know that event scores were affected by this issue as well.

We will be working out compensation as soon as we can.
I’ve published a known issues article, if you follow it you’ll be notified when we update it with compensation information:

We’re incredibly sorry for this unintended TERRIBLE christmas gift.

We hope you’re all enjoying your holidays despite this while we work really hard to make this right.

200 Gems compensation was sent to the banned players
50 Gems global compensation was sent to everyone
There will be an extra Vault event weekend - date still to be advised


^ Just updated my post.


Has the (allegedly non-existent) auto-ban system been disabled? Many players would like to know they can now play GoW without the risk of being banned for no reason.
:blush: :vulcan_salute:


Will take that as a yes :blush: :vulcan_salute:

Updated again with a bit more info regarding part of the fix


What was (and is still affected):

  • Campaign stars
  • Ice Crystals
  • Trophies

I am sure you’re aware but can’t hurt to have it in one place.


You could give us all the real ‘Christmas gift’ to compensate? :wink:


Yeah it’s definitely going to be complicated to compensate.
I will see what is possible and suggest the Vault event in addition to whatever we end up doing.


Thank you for your hard work and the rest of the team. I hope your holidays went well.


We want at least 500 dragonite.

Will there be some transparency on how come players were being auto-banned when it was clearly stated that ALL bans require human input?
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@Kafka any information on the missing event rewards, krinklemas crystals, and missing campaign stars?

Right now I’m just catching up on all the information and making sure all the players who wrote to us have a response, then I will coordinate with the team about what is possible for compensation.

I’ve published a known issues article, if you follow it you’ll be notified when we update it with compensation information:


@Kafka in case you missed this message, I am also very interested to find out the answer to this. Will there be an explanation on how players were auto banned whereas your design supposedly requires two humans to approve the bans?



1 Dragon Boss or 500 Dragonite of your choice (except Diamantina)
300 Ice Crystals
2 of each Orb

A week long vault event would mostly/only benefit those who have time and might not compensate those enough who had suffered coz of this ban-bug

Edit: Trophies, campaign stars, ice crystals and such things have to be restored regardless ofc :wink:


I’ll freely admit that I wasn’t one of the banned users as I saw the warnings early enough to avoid Kris Krinkle based on the speculation. However, it still heavily affected my guild by players quitting to the point where it severely hindered us.

I know I personally would be in favor of the Vault Week instead of Guild Wars despite not having the week off, with other compensation going to the players directly affected by the bans in addition to Vault Week.


Many guilds lost upwards of a million trophies during the week
Just cancel the events for a month and have only vault. That will hit thier wallets for solid 6 months if not more crippling thier revenue stream but serves them right. Shows that they not only ban players without doing like they said they do but are dodging the questions here right now, merry Christmas and to those that were banned in the past that were unjustly banned should get a pass just from this or just from tacets live stream getting banned during his Xmas stream for hacking?!! Without even using the offending troop!

i had 470 or so crystal for the event i hope i get that amount, not 50 gems for 3 sigils. i invested 350-400 gems for those crystals.


Oh great, so there goes my conspiracy theory out the window (all in the name of fun tho’).


Our compensation should be the following:

  1. Test all new content before release to ensure it is bug free and functional.
  2. Have a way to ensure no dragons boss duplicates or a way to craft a specific dragon boss.
  3. Evaluate and listen to players experiences toward an event or troop and increase what makes your players happy and reward them for their progress and playing time.
  4. Have a way of having employees working when office is closed/off or on holidays.
  5. Have a system to enable players to know ahead of time what is in or not the chests on weekly basis.
  6. A way to equip medals for Specific team and specific class traits for that specific team.

This is besides what resources compensation you decide to give.