Information about bans

I second the people above - I would like to hear further explanation on this (I truly hope for it to be true, but have serious doubts after last weekend and - who could blame me?):

There are a few valid options that I see:

    1. either your auto hack detection system banned players automatically, without approval from at least 2 staff members
    1. or the staff members in charge of approving bans over Christmas period are incompetent to a comedic degree
    1. or somebody was approving obviously bugged ban flags on purpose to have their fun with players

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I see it clearly. Kafka was not telling the truth…unfortunately, most times.


You should compensate every player, not only the ones affected by the ban. Because you know, everyone else didn’t really play your game out of fear getting banned as well.

As horrid as it was for the banned players, this bug was hindering progress for pretty much all guilds across all platforms.


Thank you for communicating with us @Kafka. I think this is the most important thing to do at this stage. :+1:

EDIT: I hope you really recognize the severity of the situation. As one of the people being banned, I feel that I am being punished for:

  1. Trying out a new troop creating new teams


  1. Building up a guild from the ground up an sticking with it for years, now resulting in a significant drop in the league nullifying the effort I’ve put in it.

These two things are so at the center of what this game is about, you’ve unwittingly hurt your core players. This is why you should be careful with bans and make doubly, triply sure they are justified.


But that wasn’t really causing the bans, was it? Any chance you could let us know what really went wrong here? Besides just being curious, this is Gems of War, where issues resurface quite regularly. It might be helpful to know what to avoid when the ban bot decides to hand out presents the next time.


From what I have heard (I wish I had data on this), there are people that have used Kris, even extensively but did not get banned, and there are people who did not even own Kris (that might have fought against him or even not) that got banned. In other words, I am 100% with you that this was not THE cause. As mentioned before, but I will stress again since I don’t think we can stress this enough, we need clarity/honesty on:

  1. What really happened?
  2. Are there auto-bans? If yes, then how/why would we trust any ban?
    (I really want the answer to this to be no, but given thousands of bans that went over a holiday where there was only a skeleton crew in the office, I find it super difficult to believe that each ban was reviewed by two human).

Well, come to think of it, maybe those thousands of bans over the Christmas break were are call for help by someone locked up in the developer basement? :woozy_face:

Of course there are auto-bans. That’s not really surprising, it’s way too much work to handle this manually, even when it’s just confirming targets identified by the ban bot. It’s not even that uncommon to get identified incorrectly, word has it you just need to play treasure hunt excessively. The part about bans going past at least 2 staff members is mostly about when you appeal an automated ban, or when players report someone supposedly cheating.


You might be onto something here, it’s the best guess so far! Also explains the randomness of bans as that poor soul was most likely trying to send a message by using the first letters of each banned gamertag… Now we just need a list of all the banned people so we can crack the code and go save him/her.

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Sorry, but this is NOT what is being communicated to us. Referring to this post from March:

Specific quotes from the post:

From my limited experience and what I heard, this is NOT the case. All that happens about bans is that they might lift the ban, but I have never experienced any DETAILS to be shared with the banned person.

And this is clearly INCORRECT.


I was one of the banned players been playing for 5 years
Got to level 2041 VIP 10 banned me for hacking treasure maps.i have that many treasure maps i did not need anymore. Got unbanned but damage is done for me


Agreed, not only that but us guys in the guilds who had banned pkayers had all their weekly event points taken away, we the unbanned players have had to spend more gems on tiers to reach the end rewards, not fair to everyone who plays GoW honestly.


Hi folks, I’ve updated this article here with the work that we did today regarding these issues:

That is: We’ve corrected Guild Trophies, Campaign Stars and Holiday Event scores completely on all platforms except Playstation who only got a small partial roll out today and requires further work.

Please bear with me while we continue to solve things for Playstation.

If you’re on one of the other platforms and are directly affected by this issue and you notice something we’ve missed on your account - please let me know so I can make sure the team are aware.

Compensation will still be worked out after we’ve solved the whole issue - so not yet.


This has now also been rolled out for Playstation.


In this thread some valid questions were raised.
Maybe re-read it, you seem to have missed answering many of them in your incredibly terrific article.


What about Kris? As much as is known his spell actually wasn’t causing the issue, when will it get switched back to granting two treasure maps again?



This right here, this, this and this. Pointing my fingers at this. This was the 1st troop I actually felt excited about in a long time can’t remember the other time.

Some might not give a hoot, but this troop right here has a lot of potential in my book. I see it opening the gateway for a whole lot of “combination goodies,” paired up with other troops.

Label me foolish or whatever but I see it. Hope they keep his spell.



It’s fun pairing him (with his original spell) and Johnny.

I hope they will work it out soon, but I guess that will not be until the full crew is back next week.


When will the correct trophy numbers be restored? Stars and ice crystals seem to be correct, but there’s still trophies missing for several guilds?!

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For us, the removed trophies (as part of the penalty for the bans last week) are added to this week’s trophies (for the guild total). Is this not the case for you? If so, I would reply to the ticket.

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Most of them were. But several guilds are still missing out on some. Numbers don’t add up even with several people which haven’t been able to play as usual.

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