Kris Krinkle not creating Treasure Maps

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I was expecting to gain 2 Treasure Maps from the spell of Kris Krinkle, as advertised for the Krinklemas event. The maps were temporarily removed as part of analyzing a ban wave issue. This issue was fixed a month ago, the maps haven’t been returned to the spell yet.


Are you absolutely sure about this part? Has this been confirmed by someone, who actually works on the game? Forum moderators don’t count.

Wrong. They count. Fully.

Lets say we talk about Kafka, Jeto, maybe OminousGMan and maybe Nimhain… I doubt I forgot someone else of importance to ever post in the forums during lets say last year.

They all are listed as “Developer”. Gems of war developer - Gems of War | Forums Not just “Moderators”, which would be another link. Even then, “Mods” mostly post their (pre?-)written stuff they got from - you know? “the higher ups” :wink:


It was confirmed by the Customer Exprience team:

This is more than “someone who actually works on the game” confirming it, this is official communication signed off by whoever leads the company.


Does anyone “actually” do this???


Silly question. Why do we care about maps? I’m sitting 8k…

Well, without thinking too much about it:

  • We care about Good Things in general that get “temporarily” disabled and then are never heard of again, no matter how often we ask. Like the fix for the broken daily offers from several patch notes ago.
  • Treasure maps are highly popular among newer players, up to making up a major part of shop sales (according to IP2). We probably don’t want those newer players to get the impression the featured item of the Krinklemess event they worked and paid for was just a bait and switch offer.
  • Word has it that you can also use treasure maps to farm gems, even in amounts to easily buy the dungeon dragonite offer each day if you know what you are doing.

Moved this to the Game chat section of the forum for now as this was an intentional change we communicated across multiple channels.

The Maps will be getting added back to the Spell but we have no ETA on that right now.

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So we’ve now officially moved from “temporarily disabled as part of analyzing the ban issue” to “we don’t even plan with a date to ever put the maps back in”?

Ouch. Bug reports usually get set to “Investigating” or “Not a Bug” to close them off. The borderline ones get bumped to Gameplay Feedback, where they still receive some visibility. This one must really have touched some very inconvenient truth to need to get buried in the the most remote and ignored places of all, Gameplay Chat.


There is also a fun team that relies on Kris creating the maps.


Why not?

You said you identified and fixed the bug so it shouldn’t be a problem to add them back in.

You took them out lighting quick. Can’t be any more difficult the other way around.


I thought I missed something, like maybe he used treasure maps to increase stats. But it just looks like you can farm them really fast.

Then I wondered if there was a super fast way to burn a treasure map, but I tried, and it’s still a slow process for me.

So I can get them faster, but I can’t use them fast…. Or you can, but it’s ultra super secret so you can’t say here.

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Lil’ Johnny Bronze becomes a useable troop if the old Kris Krinkle comes back

@Kafka , @Jeto , @OminousGMan , when are we getting the old Kris Krinkle back?

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If they’re going to take long with this, I hope it’s added back when they bring that new kingdom. I hope sooner, but nope, things don’t get done like that around here, don’t it? This is annoying.

btw, ETA for rework of daily deals?

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