As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

At the time they stated bans were always reviewed by humans, that was true. The error lies in the lapse in communication between that statement and Krinklemess, when players were not told about the new banning system slowly being rolled out.

They should have told players sooner, absolutely. Kafka’s post admits as much and apologizes for it, which is the right thing to do whether we as players believe them or not.

Not saying anything is fully resolved or that this is concrete evidence that all our concerns will be fixed, just saying I appreciate a detailed explanation and apology for what should have been communicated earlier :slightly_smiling_face:


Where it is mentioned that auto bans were rolled out during the Christmas event? Why would you not assume that this was always (or for a longer time) the case?

Maybe I missed part of the announcement but I don’t think they are as pure as you imagine they are.


Indeed they admitted this has been ongoing for a while:

If not for Krinklemess, we may still be living under the impression that bans were reviewed by two staff before being implemented for who knows how long, seeing how IP2 has a history of silence unless needed, and inaction/slow action unless it affects customer purchases.

Ref. “at least they are communicating about it transparently and apologetically”
This is pretty much the usual conclusion of every cycle when things like this blow up in their face (bigger incident = bigger apology/‘transparency’ post), and then the new cycle begins where things are ignored/swept under the rug/usual QA.

So yes, surely we want to encourage more transparency et al, but it’s also important to acknowledge the history of these iterations, so especially new customers don’t spend based on misplaced expectations.
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100% true. We have seen this cycle countless times. Still good to encourage steps in the right direction, but let’s not get our hopes up about massive improvements :sweat_smile:

I will say I think things have been a little better lately than we’ve seen at other points in this game’s history, but it’s far from perfect, and I’m sad to expect communication breakdowns and a pile of bugs from IP2.


Just safekeeping in case of edits for future reference.
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A priceless thread that illustrates how IP2 functions and treats its customers.

TLDR of the Vault Compensation Chapter:
1- It is the customers’ fault if they assumed something happens periodically just because it’s been happening periodically for a very long time
2- Vault Events (that ‘coincidentally’ seem to have fallen out of rotation since the Dragonite Gnome was released) may now be used as compensation by the offending party, with the caveat that the injured party must trust the offending party that the compensation is an ‘Extra Vault Event’, with no way for the injured party to ever corroborate this.
3- The unprecedented Vault Offer during Arena Weekend has evidenced that IP2 deliberately (with the usual programming shortcomings) removed a scheduled Vault Weekend, while the mods lectured customers about ‘spoilers are not binding’.

Krinklemess is just the top of an ever-growing pile that includes Weavergate, the Dungeon Rework Fiasco, and Kurandara Release, where this company has given enough information for any potential spenders to go into a financial relationship with IP2 with their eyes wide open.
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Hola Bramble: please read up on what shortcomings the community has had with previous mods dedication/soft-skills/selective answering in the past if you get a chance, so hopefully you can become the win-win this forum has been needing for years :crossed_fingers:

Maybe you could start by telling us about what periodicity can Vault Weekends be expected to have moving forward? It used to be about 6 weeks, but we’ve been left hanging and in the dark lately…
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Ever have one of those times where you’re just surfing the forum skimming topics at large, find something you want to respond to specifically but hesitate (and ultimately choose to not post) because you get an impression that it’s a waste of your time to attempt contributing to that?

It’s a safe bet the official CX team has those days too.

If this is how I discriminate which customer concerns to address and which ones to fully ignore, then maybe I shouldn’t be a mod/interacting with customers :sweat_smile:

Either way, the selectiveness I’m referring to is their Radio Silence™ that has been part of their forum philosophy for years now, when they choose opacity over transparency.
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Please see a fresh example of what I was alluding to
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“We fixed it™, but rather short-change players on the one universally-liked event so we don’t worry about the ™ part”…

…surely now kingdom passes will be scheduled right after vault weekends to avoid the clashes? Or shortened/changed to be less than 35 days of universally-disliked grind?..

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PS: Worthwhile to notice how now the 6 week gap is back to being ‘usual schedule’, whereas we were lectured about unconfirmed assumptions being the players’ fault when IP2 deliberately and documentedly took away the January vault event.
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The once in a blue moon instance when a mod participates in a feedback thread, and it’s about some social issue unrelated to gameplay: meanwhile, the countless other feedback threads about how to improve customers’ experience go on ignored for years/eternity.

Nothing wrong with supporting social issues, but priorities as a videogame mod/communicator may need revisiting :thinking:

Also meanwhile:

Verse 4 could use some better representation in daily offers seeing my current inventory, if only Devs could add that tiny line of code to check for which verse I actually need.
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Just an FYI as you may have missed it - I had to moderate that thread as there was a sexist and inappropriate “adult” comment. I replied to nip it in the bud in case anyone thought of continuing down that path so I wouldn’t have to come in there like the police warning everyone later.

Sometimes re-steering the conversation is all it takes to stop a situation from escalating and I would much prefer to do that than to come down with a ban hammer later if the whole situation was so easily avoidable.

We shall see if it works.

Also worth noting is that we’ve already replied to this feedback but not for awhile - I have the confirmation that as a company we do care about this, so it’s a rare instance I can share a solid stance on feedback. We normally can’t promise things for game features until we get the go ahead to announce it, which takes a long time.

This was super easy to reply to.


Meanwhile, this is what energy/time is being spent on
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(here’s to hoping the powers that be don’t use their even broader ability to now remove anything they subjectively dislike to further silence facts)



Just a note to this, Community guidelines and practices are important, as mentioned repeatedly, making sure and maintaining these community spaces are safe and respectful for anyone within it is among the highest priority as Support and Community Managers.

This is also something I have personally been working on for an extensive period of time because any tasks that have come up that I or CX are responsible for, such as reporting issues and bugs, would have been addressed immediately before progressing with updating these guidelines.
Could understand some frustrations if members of Support/CX could personally fix bugs or make changes to the game itself, but that is not something we are responsible for.


Thanks for the clarification & just a note to your latest guidelines:

you have effectively created a system where users are 100% vulnerable to discrimination/targeting by mods (you may check the history of these forums and determine for yourself if this is something to be concerned about), since you basically say mods can delete whatever they want and claim it as ‘off-topic’ or ‘combative’ without the customers being able to defend themselves should it be a case of targeting, no explanation needs to be given, and the mod is right no matter what.

Ticket complaints about mods are received and reviewed by their colleagues, so not much hope there (yes, I have in the past done this, and even provided evidence and even a statement by the alleged ‘victim’ of my ‘provoking and upsetting’ saying that “on the contrary, you brought me answers that allowed me to make a more complete ticket and avoid an unnecessary discussion phase with the operators” [As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions - #91 by AMT]) of the false claims by the mod, just to be dismissed by the powers that be.

That is just a single instance of things that have been happening for years, because your guidelines give mods all the powers.

I get that this is your platform, and it is your prerogative to dictate at will.

Just hoping it is called what it is, since there is no change in the horizon (and actually the direction seems to be to further extend mod powers at the expense of potential misuse)
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In that thread about the community, guidelines isn’t it supposed to be read as Being disrespectful instead of Being respectful? I mean it comes right after:

Certain conduct makes it extremely clear that someone does not belong in our community. Such conduct will result in a ban without warning.

I tried reading it differently so many times but the tone still feels the same, if I’m wrong then OK but it still feels awkward.

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Continuing the discussion from Community Guidelines:

Wasn’t that the case and practice already?

Since your big project of “community guidelines” is now finished, you can now use

to get the daily deal offers finally past “haven’t passed testing” -status.
Please start working on actual stuff in the game, or appoint someone to do it. Or just say that it won’t be done. Also fine, then at least the players have that info. I mean, we already have it, because nothing gets done. :wink: But “official information” is always very naise. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Understand the sentiment, but as Jeto mentioned, they don’t work on coding. Any time they spend not reviewing forum rules will not be used on coding or bug fixing. I guarantee they also don’t have the authority to hire developers or force the devs to smash the bug. Their responsibilities lie in back-end stuff as well as to be a liason between the community and devs, and this particular feedback has been passed along several times.

I totally get this bug is frustrating, especially since it’s been around so long falling on seemingly deaf ears. But it’s not fair to act as though Jeto reviewing forum rules takes time away from smashing this bug. The issue lies higher up in the chain of command, unfortunately, and the best the forum mods can do is pass along feedback that we’re upset, not guarantee changes.


Safe maybe, but i have an issue with the claim of respect. There have been recent cases of gaslighting with issues regarding the “extra” vault event and over past bug reports.

While it may not be the intention, making claims that can easily be disproven and told we are wrong is not respectful in my definition.

Just a note to this, Community guidelines and practices are important, as mentioned repeatedly, making sure and maintaining these community spaces are safe and respectful for anyone within it is among the highest priority as Support and Community Managers.