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On behalf of retention

Plenty of folks quit the game on a weekly basis. Something as small as knowing when the next Vault Weekend is…could be a deciding factor on a player continuing to partake in GoW.
We’ve been told before that the devs don’t put in an official timer cause they “don’t know for sure” when vault weekends will be. But a timer starting a few days away from the start of one was a reasonable accommodation…
Many were disappointed to find out despite what was said in a Stream. That last weekend wasn’t a vault weekend. But that this weekend would be one.
Most players don’t know that it’s supposedly going to start in about 12.5 hours though. Since there’s no information found in the “timer section”.

Simple Requests:

  • If the timer wasn’t updated by mistake. Then please do better.
  • If the timer isn’t updated on purpose. Then please rethink this business strategy.

TL:DR… Supposedly there’s a Vault event weekend starting in 12.5 hours. Please tell your guild mates. Because we can’t rely on the game to give them the information first hand.

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The game only tells you about the vault event 1 day beforehand in the news section, but im sure many us simply skip through it. I dont understand why we can have timer for every weekend event except vault

There’s been a normal countdown timer with the other events as well in the past
You are correct though. 6 swipes to the right and you’ll see a timer in the news section that most of dismiss after Weekly reset.