Friday 13th! Vault Event?

Just trying to work out if i need to take holiday or not …

Is it 100% confirmed to be Arena on friday or will it be the Vault Event which some players were saying it used to be before Xmas?

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seeing they changed invasion for arena christmas week with a days notice, nothing is 100% until the day.

but … as it is now its looking to be arena. yes it was a vault event before it changed


Considering that their idea of compensation to the community for the mess over the holidays was 50 gems, I’m gonna guess no. They intend to force a recession on the in game economy while they keep throwing cash shops at us. Giving us a vault weekend is clearly harmful to their wallet.


You know what’s actually harmful to their wallet? Go free to play.

As they say, everytime you give money you vote for the world you want to live in.


Why would they originally put it on the schedule then remove it and for arena no less? Do they not know how upsetting that is? It makes no sense.


Especially since we just had Arena, and it’s a terrible “event”.

Crappy rewards and a “chance” to spend your gems on offers thwtwre usually not good.

We don’t even get 5 offers for the “event” per day. Still 3.

It is a non-event.


Please remove “Arena” completely from the game. Even with no replacement. It’s annoying and unfair.

After 4 matches in a row when the enemy killed 4 of my troops at full stats with his last troop (down to 1 life and no armor) I completely stopped playing Arena and never will try again.

Vault events once per month instead would be a good start.


Reading between the lines and piecing together what Kafka has said, as well as @SpaceOddity’s post there seems like there is still a technical issue that keeps Kingdom pass and Vault Events from running concurrently. This would be the unspoken reason why Kafka stated in the compensation thread that there will be a Vault Event after the end of Zhulkari.

When I was beta testing, the first Kingdom Pass mechanics, there were issues with Battlecrashers and Vault gnomes interacting I believe, and it looks like their solution is not to fix it and just not schedule them to overlap.

They’re never going to cancel. not schedule, or switch up a paid event that makes them money over an event they probably wish they had never thought of due to how much the community benefits. So, they’ll shove Arena in as a stopgap since it takes literally no effort on their part, doesn’t require new content (troops, weapons, pets), etc. It’s the spackle for the GoW schedule, so I doubt we’ll see it go away either as it’s a low effort plug to having to make last-minute changes and buys the devs a week.

EDIT: Edited to get straight who said what in the Banned Update thread.


Vault event worked alongside Broken Spire kingdom pass without problems - no missing battlecrashers in either of the concurrent days.

So, unless they have introduced something much worse than a single missing battlecrasher and they know it, rescheduling due to kingdom pass does not cut it for a goid reason.


Nobody said it was a good reason, I think. :sweat_smile:


Believe me, I don’t think it’s a good reason at all. But I also don’t see why they would wait until after the Kingdom Pass otherwise. The paid content is gated by actual money as opposed to just gems, which people could collect in droves during the Vault Event, so they don’t lose anything by having them both go.

EDIT: Edited out incorrect info.

Sorry, but we had.
Broken Spire pass - November 7 to December 11
Last vault event - December 2 to December 5.


Damn, I thought I was correct on that. I appreciate you correcting me where I’m wrong.


Tired of these events that are worth nothing at all! Already the campaign, when you have to make treasure maps, which last a long time and for not much, when you do 75 turns for 0 gems, it’s an insult, a lack of respect for the player! An arena event, which really sucks! A Bounty that is long, which I no longer do! You fall very low and not to mention the Guild War with the Elementalist Class, Book Doom and 2 Empowered, where from the starting board, you see if you have won or lost! It’s a shame !!!

So, vault weekend or not, I don’t give a damn!!!
I am very disappointed with your actions!!!

I feel you on this but try to make matches that will get you green chests, and fill the board with nothing but green chest so that if you get a red chest and your turn ends you’ll always get gems in the end.

This works for me all the time, even if my turn is only from 20 something to only 30 something. That’s how I’ve been adding up my gems. I don’t try to get 60+ turns. The goal is to just get green chest across the board. It’s a grind to get a lot (I ain’t got time for)

Gems guaranteed. If your luck is different after this, then yea it’s trashy anyway :man_shrugging:t4:

Why don’t you just reroll the treasure maps campaign task?


Link: Information About Bans

^^^This issue is being hotly discussed in the topic linked.

It’s unlikely that this conversation will be carried over to this forum post, so if you’re in the dark about the IP2 response/handling of the vault irregularities, have a read.