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Will we really miss guild wars if it was removed?

The new patch is upon us soon. How is everyone feeling about guild wars and the new schedule?

Feel free to discuss it all here, but please try and keep it civil.

Thank you!


I would miss it, i already do 2/3 of the time.
This thread will go nowhere quick though, no offense, good Intension i am sure, but we have seen how it goes before.


I come from a bracket 1 guild on ps4. Guild wars is the only event that puts the most pressure on players to do well.

We are not number one so I’m not always kicking for a bad score. As some guilds do.

Right now I’m indifferent on the whole situation…

I guess it all comes down to the new event and how fun it really is.


4 weeks will seem like nothing when they bump it to 8 weeks. It’s unfortunate, but I know I’m in the minority. Feedback doesn’t matter as this point. The devs clearly hate guild wars. Explains why they haven’t fixed bugs that are 19 months old now.


I knew after the new modes came out pay to win, guild wars would be the next target to eliminate.

We will be lucky if guild wars makes it one more year.

It pays out well but only to a handful of bracket 1 winners.

As @Lyrian has said in the other threads guild wars Is the only weekly event not making them money.

So why would they want to keep it around?

The only reason I did this was to hopefully save a few threads from anymore derailing.

Devs have their own agenda and really I think what we say here does not matter that much.

Maybe 1% of it. Like text changes and what not.

They could figure out a way to monetize GW. Ppl like chasing leaderboards and GW players like chasing high scores. They could combine the 2 and make some sort of high score leaderboards, where you fight the most successful defense teams and the best score gets an orb of power.
I’m just spitballing here, but I’m sure there’s a solution to make everyone happy, if they cared enough to find it. But hey, they don’t care enough to have a guy overseeing the servers on weekends, so fat chance of that happening, right :unamused:

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Aww, no poll… :laughing:


Wait, we are getting less guild wars going forward? It’s the only event I look forward to.

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Welcome to the club, buddy. We should form a little support group here, for the disenfranchised GW lovers

I’m thrilled to have Guild Wars every four weeks, Now only one week a month will literally be a bad week for me and hurt my enjoyment and fun in Gems of War.


The simple answer is to add advertising segments to the game. In the middle of battles ads play, or banners fly across the screen for “Tide” “Coke” or “other Apps”. If they added ads, and ways to earn gems from watching ads, you could have guild wars and all other aspects of Gems of War totally an ad heavy monetized game.

Devs have avoided ads, and allowed us to play as much as we want ad free, but it seems like people would rather have them make money from ads than to add a way to make money from the people that actually enjoy their game…

Oh well, let’s hope for ads so we can see an end to sigils, and lots more ads and banners scattered across the game.


No, noone ever said that, the whole ad argument is contructed entirely by you.

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You make it sound like it was so expensive to maintain this game, but it’s not, it’s dirt cheap. That’s why the mobile market is the holy grail for game publishers. You employ a small group of ppl to maintain and update the game, and you rake in the :moneybag: from microtransactions. It’s a golden goose.
Sure, you don’t earn GTA online lvl money, but your costs are comparatively tiny, it’s an effortless business.
They don’t need to monetize every game mode to survive, but they want to, because it’s easy money. Who would say “no” to easy money?

If the Devs have made up their mind about GW and the future decision around it, it is better to move on really, as a support group wont do much…


Guild wars R.I.P. :skull_and_crossbones:

Lol, it was more of a joke… unless you knew it was a joke, and were joking in return, which makes me now look silly…

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Ah, sadly I was not able to catch your joke lol

Well that would mean Invasion R.I.P, Raid R.I.P., and new Game Mode R.I.P, since they are all every four weeks as well. So R.I.P. Guild Wars implies it is the only game mode every 28 days, unless I am mistaken.

Farewell Raid, Invasion, New Game Mode, and Guild Wars = R.I.P. :skull_and_crossbones:

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I blame myself for that, I need to put more work into my stagecraft

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