Guild Wars will now start on next week (April 10th)

Hey everyone,

We’re going to delay the first Guild War for a week, while we test (and re-test , and re-test) our setup code some more.

Very sorry about that - but a week’s delay is better than a bunch of really nasty little glitchy errors that we were about to run into.

btw - no need to re-register… you’ll all be automatically registered in the next one.
You’ll also receive an in-game mail explaining this very shortly, with a little present attached.

For more info you can read our discussions in the other thread: Guild Wars Setup


Not to worry, Sirrian. We can wait for the GW. Don’t burn yourselves out. That’s the main point


No worries :slight_smile: :+1: Couldn’t agree more with the above statement. You can only make a 1st impression once. Might as well get all the kinks worked out 1st.


This doesn’t come as a surprise anymore.

Meaning what exactly?
If something isn’t working quite right I’d presume you’re one of the tiny minority who wouldn’t moan if things went tits up?


I thought it was released yesterday and come to find out, I’ve just been playing arena for 4 hours. Now i’m super-heated.


Shit happens…

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To clarify for you. I am not surprised that this is delayed. I feel they rushed this out, considering the many late changes. I hoped it would all go well, but i can’t remember any patch release that went smooth, so my expectations were low.

Well you could be on console…

I fully support this.

This has to be costing a bit of money in lost revenue so my praise to you and your company.


Always better to get it right, so no worries. However, it would be awesome if while testing your team could also start releasing a bit more information and answer some of the forum questions on here that have been frequently asked but not yet answered (like how big the bonus is for troop color compared to being alive at the end, whether the color is only checked at the beginning or end, etc.). Then we can use the week for additional testing too :slight_smile:


So it was not a bug, interesting. “false start on the play. penalty on offence, 20 yards”

How do you register your guild for that?

Also is this for consoles?

pc/mobile for now

Unfortunately consoles are not in the beta test group (PC/Mobile). :stuck_out_tongue:


Awwwwwwww man that sucks. :angry:

Look at it like this. When the guild wars come to console, you guys will have less bugs and problems. And will be able to enjoy from the first week itself instead of having to wait a week like us


yeah, i agree with @Beowulf,

when guild wars come to consoles the points distribution and matchmaking will be done right, for now we’re (pc/mobile) risking chaos! (remmember when pvp 2.0 was released first time? ) :stuck_out_tongue:

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@MrsAffects i just realised im jaelous of you - consoles!

When you get the guild wars - you will be playing agains customized defense ai, unlike us with the ai being still as stupid as always :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt miss the custom ai too much for pvpm, but for guild wars i wish i could put up a good fight!