Freaky Faeries

While everyone is happy about it, im not in hurry to get this troop on console, the mana drain troop are really boring to fight

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You don’t see this boy dancing. Nothing creates more feelings of frustration and helplessness in me than playing against mechanisms that slow the natural progress of matches. I should like to be clear I am not complaining that they are “too hard whaaaaa” but that they are irritating at best from a game-experience viewpoint.


Mixed views. Yeah it’s cool. But more mana drain is hardly a good thing to see, and an uncapped blue gem spam? I think that’d work better with a 2:1 ratio plus small fixed amount. Oh well look forward to seeing EK with it.


You guys gonna have fun with

Spirit fox or famine

What’s this I see in my troop collection?

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The timing was weird. I never actually got an in-game mail saying I received the troop. And this happened before Sirrian said we’d receive something shortly.

Got the troop too without any in-game mail. :slight_smile:

Guessing here - you claimed all your mail at once

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I surely didn’t. Just our guild tasks mail was in my inbox and when I clicked, voila, Aurai. Then I had to click again to actually receive the guild rewards. :slight_smile:

^^ What (s)he said ^^

Anyone else finding this week’s event gems really hard to farm out? Explore only elves? So go Silverglade or Zhul’kari, but I’ve only been getting matchups of maybe 1 or 2 elves max. This one’s gonna take FOREVER.

Not sure, but I think Silverglade is better - that’s where I’m farming anyway. My suggestion is prepare a fast team (obviously) and just retreat from the battle if there are no elves - you can do it while the trait animation at the beginning of the battle is still playing. For me it’s pretty boring (I don’t like Explore), but not that bad, I acquired 100 stones today in 1,5 or 2h.

Silverglade is proving to be better over time. 5 elves out of 8 troops versus 6 out of 15 in Zhulkari.

I’m also resetting the Explore teams by going into difficulty settings when I don’t get what I want.

I wish the nyx cost 10 mana instead of 13. It feels a bit weak to me for such an interesting troop with a good story behind it. I know its boost is 1:1

You were right. Easily fills the board with blues. You would have thought Bone Dragon was a lesson learned.

Not saying the troop isn’t good but at best it creates 24 blue gems without looping itself. Nothing really concerning considering there are already equally or even more manaefficient ways to generate mass blue mana in the game.

Completely drains the mana of one troop AND generates a board full of blues. They should have capped it.

It has a natural cap determined by base mythic maximum mana costs, and honestly i enjoy to beep up Famine with its own weapons tbh.
I don’t see Nyx to ever be remotely as prevalent as BD or even Famine for that matter in the meta, quite the opposite, in defense the troop seems meh at best.


Fun unit! Though I’m having problems reconciling the art, theme, and ability, all of which make me think “vodyanoi”, with the Greek Nyx. :grimacing:

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