3.0 Known Issues

I have to restart now 4 times a day (since Friday) verses twice. I sit on and collect tribute and at lunch and break play a bit of PVP - so for the most part it sits down on the task bar minimized. But right now the task manager it keeps popping up from 0 cpu to 2 cpu minimized. Watching footprint right now for memory leak.

Before 3.0 I would restart twice during a 8 hour period. (When it became chunky or no animation)

not sure, if already known: I noticed Korvash had a dmg of 26. After completing the purple guild tasks he has still 26 dmg ^^

Killing a troop with Life Drain, using Bombot seems to be bugged. Even if they have a total of 24 life/armor and Bombot is hitting for 50 they life drain after the damage and stay alive with 4 life. Makes trying to rush through explore a bit of a pain when you gotta poke them to death with skulls when they should be dead twice over. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pesky bugger >: |

I signed up for guild wars last week to be in this weeks guild wars and…my guild seems to not be apart of guild wars this week. It says i am registered for next weeks guild wars though so when and will i be able to play guild wars with my guild?

Looooooong since added to the bug list, even if it’s not on Nimhain’s list at the top of the thread.

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i just found that out, and i wanted the pengu too.

You should have gotten him in your game mail

i did not get pengu, i got the green one instead.

AFAIK everyone got the green one… :slight_smile:

i want the pangu as well as the green one but pengu is cute!

I’m really wanting Yellow or Brown, will pair well with Gorgotha :slight_smile:

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I want the Yellow one … because I have too many damn Yellow every kind of traitstone.

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Pengu will be released in a little while as a Guild Wars reward. Man, penguins seem to be really popular, lots of people have been wanting him!

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Both of these have been added to the list. :slight_smile:


There seems to be a bug where swapping difficulties will update the multipliers on the main screen but not actually multiplying the rewards by those amounts. I was doing some of the quests on warlord 3, the enemies had the correct warlord 3 health but my soul multiplier after the battle was wrong.

The game was showing a souls multiplier of 3.35 and I was doing quests, which are affected by difficulty.
I was getting 34 souls per battle and the game was only awarding me 80 souls, This would only be a 2.35 multiplier which is the same as normal difficulty would give, However the monsters I was facing had warlord 3 stats still. I then changed the difficulty to warlord 1 and the game was now awarding me the correct amount of soul. Seeing this I changed back to warlord 3 and the game was finally awarding me the correct 3.35 multiplier for souls.

I’m not sure what caused this, it seems to be the first time I swapped from normal to warlord 3 it didn’t update the reward multipliers correctly, even though the main screen with all the kingdoms showed the correct multiplier. I even tried about 4-5 battles and it never gave me the correct soul multiplier. However the monster stats definitely were boosted correctly.

I really don’t… a penguin troop? Seriously?

I want the troop from Dragon’s Claw. Not so much about the penguins

i dont know if this is an 3.0 issue - but i recognized that the third trait of Humility is not working as intended/explained!

if i understand the text correct, EVERYTIME when Humility takes damage the trait should trigger - but this is not the case. here are some of the actions where the trait is not triggering 100% (sometimes it works, sometimes not):

  • gorgotha spellcast
  • dragon soul spellcast
  • skulldamage
  • sylvanimora spellcast

interesting is, that sometimes the first cast of a spell does not trigger the trait - but the second does. sadly i cant prove it with screenshots… someone else registered this issue?

Humility’s trait only triggers when his LIFE takes damage. If you only damage the armor it won’t trigger. Admittedly this is a common point of confusion for the trait.

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