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Will you miss guilds war being every 3rd week?The poll

As @Graeme pointed out I should have done a poll for the silent ones.

So here it is. Thanks!

Will you miss guild wars?

  • Yes
  • No

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Discuss here.

I won’t miss Guild Wars because I am not in a guild; the only thing this means for me is that the guild-free event week is pushed out by one more week. But I have Delves, which makes up for it. (I also wanted to remove my vote because I don’t really count, but that seems to be impossible.)

So one can assume from this Poll that Guild wars is being 100% eliminated forever by the loaded with “miss”. Or is this is just click bait about a small change of schedule to collect upvotes?

I think @Santandrix may have omitted in the title is “… if/when GW is only once every 4 weeks.”

Can’t confirm this may or may not be happening. Because spoilers :rofl:

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There is a new guild event being added, so each of the four guild events including Guild Wars, will run only once every 28 days.

Raid 7 days, Invasion 7 days, New Event 7 days, Guild Wars 7 days = 28 days, Technically, that’s only 21 days between each recurring guild wars week vs the current 14 day wait between guild wars weeks.

Guild wars runs a second time this month during the week of October 22nd - 28th, then the next guild wars week should start on the 18th of November and end on November 25th, then begin again on December 17th and end on Sunday December 23rd, and then start again on January 13th and end on Sunday January 20th.


lyaa is guildless?as in always or just now?

btw i miss gw every week not just every 3rd week not cause i like gw at all but an actual event the lets you gain gems not spend them xD


She’s been waiting for an invite to Glitter Walruses for at least 10 months now. :grinning:
Invite code: Q’NAGALI


you have to be lvl 2000 to join my guild bruh…xD

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I’m working on it, shucks, only 1,607 … I guess I got a long while before I can up the anti! :joy:


Just to be really clear - I will not miss it one single bit. It is the most stressful, loathsome part of the game and I hate it with the burning passion of a thousand suns.


I voted yes,but…
I guess it all depends if the new mode is fun or not.


It will be missed but with this world wide epidemie going on not once in 2 months has everyone finished it in my guild

Not once in 2 months?

It’s once every 21 days, that’s only an additional 7 day wait between guild wars not 60 days… But no worries I see lots of good guilds recruiting every Sunday and Monday, so if anyone is looking for a new home, there are plenty to be had.

It is that exact stress and pressure that for me makes it the single most reason that I love this game. It is the only direct competition that we have between guilds, and imo the only game mode that actually requires a degree of skill to actually do well.


So you see it as skill when fighting a goblin team on green day and Siren casts and fills up Nobend or Fizzbang on one turn, and then they loop until you are dead? I don’t see that as skill, I see that as luck…

I am glad you have one mode in the entire game you feel is skill based, and that you enjoy. That doesn’t mean everyone that doesn’t like or enjoy guild wars are a bunch of people with no skills.

Strategy is part of a lot of modes, building successful teams for raid and invasion, bounty, etc. is part of the fun for me. Fighting Divine Protector, Uba, Infernus, and Ish on a color restricted day is all luck based, because it comes down to you getting mana before them… And the AI usually gets mana a lot faster than I do.

Or every move I can make on the board gives the AI an extra turn, or a doomskull… lol, yes so much skill involved…

Dude, what do you have against GW so much?

Everything in this game is about both skill and luck. Nothing is certain when you’re fighting AI with randomly-generated board.

That statement about people who doesn’t enjoy GW have no skill is really coming out of nowhere, I never seen anyone said that, you might just misunderstood and make that up.

Bringing the appropriate counter team is a part of almost every modes, but that doesn’t garantee to make you win. It’s the best you could do to maximize your chance. Winning 100% of the time is an unrealistic expectation from guild putting on players in Blanket one in GW, it’s not the fault of the game mode itself.

Raid/Invasion is hard because of the teams set by developers, and we work together to beat that. GW is exact opposite, as the teams you’re fighting is hard because players of opponent’s guild is putting up the best team to make you lose. We pretty much work against each others, except inside our own guild.

So, if the reason you hate GW is because the fact that you’re in Blanket one alone, maybe don’t speak for other 99% of players who are not in the same situation as you. You better accept it and move on instead of arguing with everyone who happened to like it.


How do you interpret this statement from the poster I responded to?

I see it as saying guild wars is the only mode in gems of war that requires any skill…

I dislike guild wars because it is the only mode where I hurt my guild-mates if I lose. Period.

You have a problem with me not liking guild wars, good for you, I do not have a problem with you, or that you like guild wars, so I guess we are very different people.

I don’t interpret expressing myself as arguing, or as me having a counter opinion, as me being nasty, or as me having a problem with anyone that disagrees with me.

Wow I apologise if my opinion offended you, I did not mean to imply that people who don’t enjoy gw have no skill. Having limitations on coloured teams and certain requirements for earning points in gw, imo, makes it more skill based than some other game modes. It’s not just about winning and taking risks, it’s more cautious and deliberating to ensure that you lose as few troops as possible, and still get the win, which imo makes it more tactical.

Completely agree with you on this one!