DEVs: Guild Wars will be fixed?

Can you please confirm that Guild Wars has been fixed?


Thanks for posting this, I was going to do so.
I just went by their known issues page, and it’s still in investigation.
And still 0 update, news, nothing… the last update was 24 days ago…

What is kind of puzzling, tarans seems to hint a 2 GW back to back, but the screen in game indicates no GW next week ( and even no invasion this weekend), so I’m a bit confused and worried

Well, if the issue is indeed high priority, that talks a lot


Invasion on both “Guild” and “Events” now.

Haha! I lowered my expectations.

Well if they had fixed it they would have said something so the status is “not fixed”. I doubt they have devoted much time to it with the holidays, new content and bugs

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Hey all,

At this stage the Guild Wars is currently scheduled for the 17th of Jan will still be going ahead, believe we will have some more information to share on this next week.


Thank you for your reply :+1:

no i really dont know what to expect… double guild war back to back?

I do hope there’ll be an extra one to counter the missed one from December. I appreciate it had to be cancelled to ensure accuracy in the top bracket’s results, but for guilds like mine who are still climbing it was just a guaranteed promotion opportunity lost.

Either way, looking forward to the news!

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No. I don’t see it in Gary’s bot. Not sure why it is showing in Taran’s.

@Jeto confirmed just the one on the 17th.


pretty sure “this week” is over and we are onto “next week”. no response on the GWs bug yet…


Lets have that information now, thanks.